One of the Edin brothers…

Lasse Edin was one of the founding member of the group Edin/Adahl that has released several CCM albums with westcoast touch..

In 1990 Lasse Edin released his solo debut album “Unbounded Land”.


Strange Man Walking

Talking Music 2013

Tracks: Strange Man Walkin, Shine On, Beautiful Day, It´s All Over, Tell Me Why, Little Dreamer, Easily Pleased, There Are People, A Long Run & I´m Gonna Walk.

Musicians on the Strange Man Walking album: Lasse Edin, Fredrik Andersson, Thomas Jonshult, Pär Lauren & Björn Nyberg.

Unbounded Land

Cantio Records 1990

Tracks: Summer And Lightning, Without Love, Right On Time, Cause I Need You, Unbounded Land, Bleeding Heart, Stepping Out, Confusion, I´m The One & Waste Of Time.

Musicians on the Unbounded Land album: Lasse Edin, Jorgen Ingestrom, Frank Adahl, Tommy Kasa, Simon Adahl, Per Olof Larsson, Tomas Axelsson, Urban Hedin, Johan Fransson.