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    As the name indicates West Coast Music has its origin on the American West Coast. The music emphasizes melody, harmonies and arrangements, and the vocal and instrumental performances are always with great skill and of high quality. The music is often performed by pop/rock artists from the American West Coast, but is in no way limited to any geografical area.


Elle Melle was founded in 1993 by Odd Erik Ognedal. I started when he meet the Ingvar Hovland that asked him if he could make some music to his lyrics. In the beginning Elle Melle was a trio with Odd Eric Ognedal, Per Zanussi & Henning Seldal. Later Jon Konrad Strøm joined the band and in 1994 also Svein Olav Hyttebakk became a member and then they were ready to hit the stages.

In 1995 Svein Olav Hyttebakk and Odd Erik Ognedal went to Olso to meet with different labes to present them their music. They got offers from two labels and they choose to work with Kirkelig Kulturverksted that released their debut album “Ut I År” in 1996.

The bassist Per Zanussi left the band in 1997 to continue study music at the conservatorium in Trondheim. He was replaced by Simon Fjeld. Now it was time to think about the next album and the recordings started in 1997 and in 1998 the album “Verden I Verden” was released. The first single “Frokost På Kafé” was 9 weeks at the Hit40list and the second single “Ikkje Vekk meg Når Du Går” went also on the Hit40 list.

In 2000 Elle Melle got signed to the label Tylden & Co and their 3rd album “Knuste Speil” was released the same year, and followed up in 2002 with a “best of” album with a couple of new songs.

Words and pictures from the official Elle Melle website.


Frokost På Kafé

Tylden & Co 2002

Tracks: Frokost På Kafé, Ikkje Vekk meg Når Du Går, Knuste Speil, Når Ei Kvinna Går Forbi, Den Aller Siste Mohikaner, Sol, Om Du Har Sagt Farvel, Som Kvinner Gjør, November, Tåkelur, Pene Damer Med Stygge Briller, Cinema Paradiso, Et Snitt Av Hjerta, En Slags Engel & Høst.

Musicians on the Frokost På Kafé album: Odd Erik Ognedal, Jon Konrad Strøm, Svein Olav Hyttebakk, Henning Seldal and others.

Knuste Speil

Tylden & Co 2000

Tracks: Knuste Speil, Pene Damer Med Stygge Briller, Om Du Har Sagt Farvel, Tåkelur, Englande, Cinema Paradiso, Tør Du Tvile, Pariserhjul, En Slags Engel & Stille Etter Stormen.

Musicians on the Knuste Speil album: Odd Erik Ognedal, Jon Konrad Strøm, Svein Olav Hyttebakk, Ole Jakob Hystad, Karl Dag Kjosavik, Stein Inge Brækhus,

Verden I Verden

Kirkelig Kulturverksted 1998

Tracks: Akvarium, Frokost På Kafé, Ikkje Vekk Meg Når Du Går, Sally, Det Store Grå, Et Snitt Av Hjerta, 2030, Dans, Sol & Mona Lisa Og Den Gamle Pianisten.

Musicians on the Verden I Verden album: Odd Erik Ognedal, Jon Konrad Strøm, Svein Olav Hyttebakk, Henning Seldal, Mariann Lisland, Per Lindvall, Simen Fjeld, Eivind Aarset & Sverre Kvam.

Ut I År

Kirkelig Kulturverksted 1996

Tracks: Konkylie, Skorpion, Som Kvinner Gjør, Den Aller Siste Mohikaner, Gå Med Meg, Gje Meg En Lokk Av Ditt Hår, November, Forbi, Maya, Bare Ikkje Du, Hemmelig Agent & God Natt.

Musicians on the Ut I År album: Odd Erik Ognedal, Jon Konrad Strøm, Svein Olav Hyttebakk, Henning Seldal, Per Zanussi & Silje Nergaard.


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