The voice from Lava…

Egil Eldoen, the leadsinger from the Norwegian west coast music group Lava has released three solo albums.

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The Best Of Me

Universal Music 2010

Tracks: The Best Of Me, Peter Pan, Welcome To My Heart, Loutro Bay, We´ll Make It, Here We Go Again, It´s Allright, Stay By Me, The Cinnamon Peeler, All Of Her Life, The Light, Memories, Carry Me Back, Watching Eyes & I´ll Make It Up To You.

Musicians on Egil Eldøen album: Egil Eldøen, Randy Crawford and others.

Egil Eldøen

Sonet Records 1988

Tracks: The Best Of Me, I´ll Make It Up To You, It´s Allright, Love Song, Bodytalk, Memories, My Baby Loves Me, Suspicious (Maybe I´m), Strangers In Love, I Don´t Want The Truth & The Circles Unbroken.

Musicians on Egil Eldøen album: Egil Eldøen, Randy Crawford, Magnar Torstad, Kato Ådland, Geir Rogno, Gunnar Bjelland, Gante Storaag, Olav Dale, Torbjorn Sunde, Jens Peter Antonsen, Frank Ådahl, Siguard Dagsland, Perla Battalla, Julie Christensen & Janne Stolsbota.

Here We Go Again

Sonet Records 1986

Tracks: Stand By (Your Man), Play With Love, Peter Pan, Sean Baby, Share, All Of Her Life, Here We Go Again, Carry Me Back, Sending My Love & Tonight.

Musicians on Egil Eldøen album: Egil Eldøen and others.

Welcome Into My Heart

Sonet Records 1985

Tracks: Watching Eyes, Stay By Me, Welcome Into Your Heart, Desire, The Light, We´ll Make It, Don´t Play That Song, Blackout, Watch That Girl, Ready For Rock´n Roll & Sweet Romancer.

Musicians on Welcome Into My Heart album: Egil Eldoen, Svein Dag Hauge, Per Lindvall, Peter Ljung, Anita Skorgan and others.