Sigvart Dagsland (born 18 October 1963 in Stavanger, Norway) is a Norwegian singer, pianist and composer. He writes and performs in various genres, his more recent albums being pop-rock. He has recorded 18 albums and performs 30–50 concerts every year, and has sold over 450 000 copies of his records. He has been nominated to the Norwegian Spellemannsprisen three times in the pop genre, and was rewarded with “Prøyssen-prisen” in 2009.

Dagsland grew up at Stokka, Stavanger in Southern Norway. He performed as a boy soprano in Stavanger Church Choir in the period 1975 to 1977 and as tenor in the Sentralkoret in 1978 to 1980. He holds a Master’s degree in Law. He is married to the musician Karoline Krüger.


Soul Ballads

Norske Gram Records 2001

Tracks are: Round & Round, Crying Soul, What Do I Do?, Why Me?, I Will Always Wonder, Innocent Child, Waiting For Something, The River Runs High, The Ocean Of The World, Catching Her Eye, What Is Love? & Let´s Talk About Love.

Musicians on Soul Ballads album: Sigvart Dagsland, Borge Petersen Overleir, Georg Wadenius, Bengt Egil Hanssen, Gulleiv Wee, Per Lindvall, Frank Adahl, Johanna Nystrom & Heine Totland.