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Everyone knows Sascha Dupont (born in Vejle, Denmark February 3rd 1975) in Denmark. Here’s why: – Numerous international song writing awards – Gold-selling albums – One of Denmark’s most popular radio and television personalities – Radio hits – Her own TV show – Nationally recognized pianist. Beginning at the tender age of 3, this Danish/French/Turkish child prodigy started playing piano, and by age 10 she’d written her first song.

Since then she has released several gold-selling albums, music directed television and stage shows, backed international megastars, and become a beloved personality on throughout the country on Danish television and radio. In May 2000, she launched her solo career with a self-titled debut album which quickly went gold and picked up passionate reviews.

It spawned two radio hits, “Saturday” and “Visit My House”, but the melodic “Happy Thoughts” made its mark, winning her Unisong Grand Prize in competition with 4,500 songwriters from around the world.

Her second album “Den Anden” written in her native tongue (Danish) achieved impressive sales and rave reviews, and spun off two more radio hits.

Sascha’s celebrity status is due in part to her regular television appearances. For five years, she was one of the pianists in the popular international game show “Lyrics Board”, often garnering 35% of the nations viewer ship. Shes also hosted the nationally broadcast morning show on Radio 2.

When not writing and recording, Sascha enjoys working as musical director on big shows such as “Cabaret” (the most successful Danish version ever) and recently “Kometerne” (The Comets), the smash hit sell-out with three of Denmarks legendary comedians.

In 2005 she released an experimental album of piano instrumentals called 12 Dreams.

After the release of the instrumental album Sascha began to write material for her 4th album. This time the inspiration for the writing was made in Los Angeles with help for top-shelf songwriters, so the foundation to the album was made thru a lot of travel between Copenhagen and Los Angeles. Five years has gone since the last studio album, but due to some difficulties with the former distribution label it wasn´t easy and she could first begin to focus on making new song in the early spring of 2006. She teamed up with Soren Andersen (Kick The Kangeroo) to produce the album and also find the music direction for the album.

Everything seemed to go in the right direction until one day in May 2006 Sascha got a telephone call with the message that Soren Andersen´s recording studio was on fire and, including her material that were recorded. But luckily the only thing that “survived” the fire, was the harddrive of the computer with the recording material. With help from friends a benefit concert was establish to raise funds so Soren Andersen could re-establish his studio and together with some partners he bought the legendary Medley Studio in Copenhagen.

So with this the album could be finished over the autumm of 2006 and Sascha Dupont says about the album: It is a strong little album that has gone thru much more difficulties that others normally do, so this album means a lot to me.

The album was titled: “Promises” and was released in the beginning of 2007.

”Promises” represent a more smooth version of Sascha Dupont and you can hear the inspiration from Los Angeles and also a mix of styles like: country, soul, singer/songwriter og blues – no doubt that the corporation with US songwriters has been an important part of this album.

The album “Promises” contains twelve song and approx half of them has been made together with Noah Rosanes, Pamela Oland, Tim Burlingame, Erika Kast, Owen Parker, Howard New og Dana Cooper, all songwriters that has been writing songs for many big acts like Whitney Houston, Frank Sinatra and Aretha Franklin, just to name a few.

Soundclips and videos at the MySpace site.


The Crossover

Target Records 2014

Tracks: Sunny Days, I Believe, Bearer Or Bad Tidings, Naked And Emptyhanded, Water Rising, I Found Love, Dry My Tears And Move On, And The Dance Goes On, Out Of My Mind, Comes A Time, Young At Heart, Over Under Sideways Down & My Back Pages.

Musicians on the Crossover album: Sascha Dupont, Ivan Pedersen, Alex Nyborg Madsen, Lonnie Kjer, Søren Jacobsen and others.

Sascha D

SD Records 2011

Tracks: I Know Where I Belong, You´re The One, Alone Again & Keep It Like That.

Musicians on the Sascha D album: Sascha Dupont, Kasper Voss, Nicholas Findsen, Jesper Norlev & SIRO.


Artpeople Records 2007

Tracks: Don't Dare To Fall, When The Lights Go Out, Love Won't Break, Better Things To Do, Before You Give Me Promises, Beautiful. I'll Follow, Wishing On The Wrong Star, Cry Our Hearts Out, Float Away, Don't Get Me Wrong, Mad About You & I Love The Moon.

Musicians on the Promises album: Sascha Dupont, Morten Jakobsen, Kim Bahnsen, Soren Andersen, Szhirley, Rune Olesen, Lars Andresen, Henrik Hall, Ole Hansen, Jesper Haugaard, Kim Thomsen & Jane Clark.

12 Dreams

SD Records 2005

Tracks are: Piano Dream # 1 - C major, Piano Dream # 2 - F# minor, Piano Dream # 3 - C# major, Piano Dream # 4 - G minor, Piano Dream # 5 - D minor, Piano Dream # 6 - E major, Piano Dream # 7 - F major, Piano Dream # 8 - Eb minor, Piano Dream # 9 - A minor, Piano Dream # 10 - Bb major, Piano Dream # 11 - G# major & Piano Dream # 12 - B major.

Musicians on the 12 Dreams album: Sascha Dupont.

Den Anden

Northern Light Records 2001

Tracks: Passer På Dig, Vidunderlige Du, Hjem Igen, Ligeud, Er Du På Vej, Stjerner, Kald På Mig, Dronning, Kære Engel, Jeg Glæder Mig, Det Bli'r Ikke Bedre & Væk Nu.

Musicians on the Den Anden album: Sascha Dupont, Claus Langeskov, Kasper Foss, Torsten Lefmann, Jesper Hofmann, Otto Sidenius, Ole Bendix & Morten Bay.

Sascha Dupont

Musicfiles 2000

Tracks: Lady Cypress, Saturday, Say Hello, Visit My House, Used To Be, Because Of You, Juliet, Addicted, Scared, Happy Thoughts, Disguise & You Will Always Be.

Musicians on the Sascha Dupont album: Sascha Dupont, Ivan Pedersen, Rune Von Westberg, Kasper Foss, Morten Bay, Helle Hansen & Rasmus Broe.