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Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Paulinho DaCosta discovered his love for percussion at the tender age of five by exploring the different sounds of everything he could get his hands on. While still in his early teens, he joined several musical groups, traveling extensively throughout the world. Upon arriving in the United States, the multi-versed percussionist has carved a sizable niche in the music community.

Contributing his professional outlook and friendly appeal to nearly four hundred fellow artists, his name has appeared on numerous top-selling records, including works by Quincy Jones, jazz veterans Dizzy Gillespie and Miles Davis, and pop superstars Madonna, Sting and Michael Jackson. Perhaps even more outstanding than the multitude and caliber of artists he plays with, is the variety of musical styles he has mastered.

A dynamic percussionist, an innovative composer and a qualified producer, Paulinho’s musical versatility is also well demonstrated on his four solo albums – AGORA, HAPPY PEOPLE, SUNRISE and BREAKDOWN.

Through his prolific career Paulinho has been involved with some of the decade’s best selling projects, including the record breaking Thriller, the landmark recording We Are The World and the percussion dominated successes of All Night Long and La Isla Bonita.

However, not only has DaCosta made a profound impact within the record industry, his talents are proudly recognized in both film and television. His credits range from the Oscar-nominated motion picture The Color Purple to box office hits like Saturday Night Fever, The Wiz, Footloose and Coming To America.

Through radio and television the sounds of Paulinho DaCosta come into your home on a daily basis. Whether it be for a car commercial, food commercial or television movies, his music is heard around the world. Even more noted is his composition of the Coca-Cola “Orchestra” commercial which found it’s way to number one on the U.S. and international charts.

In recognition of his incredible talent, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences presented Paulinho with its “Most Valuable Player Award” for three consecutive years and the honorary “Musicians Emeritus Award.” His skills have provoked the Los Angeles Times to describe him “a virtuoso on percussion” and Downbeat Magazine to label him “one of the most talented percussionists of our time.”



A&M Records 1987

The Tracks are: Say It Now, One Step Two Step, Guaruja, I Believe You, Sabor Latino, Let´s Stay Friends, No Way Out, This Love´s For Keep, Real Love, You Can Love Me, Going North & Exotica.

Musicians on the Breakdown album: Paulinho Da Costa, Jimmy Varner, Darryl Phinnessee, Peter Canada, Larry Williams, Philip Bailey, Maxine, Julia Oren, Luther, The Waters, Marsha Skidmore, George Duke, Paul Jackson Jr., Isela Sotelo, Maria Del Ray, Andy Narell, Kenny O´Brian, Nathan East, Marcus Miller, Jerry Hey, Gary Grant, Bill Reichenbach, Rick Culver, Herp Albert, Carlos Rios, Erich Bulling, Gerald Albright, Myrian Rios & Duilio Cosenza.


Pablo Records 1984

The Tracks are: Taj Mahal, I´m Going To Rio, African Sunrise, Walk Man, O Mar E Meu Chao, You Came Into My Life, My Love, You´ve Got A Special Kind Of Love, Carioca & Groove.

Musicians on the Sunrise album: Paulinho Da Costa and others.

Happy People

Pablo Records 1979

The Tracks are: Dejavu, Take It On Up, Love Till The End Of Time, Seeing Is Believing, Dreamflow, Carnival Of Colors, Let´s Get Together, Happy People & Put Your Mind On Vacation.

Musicians on the Happy People album: Paulinho Da Costa, John Barnes, Greg Phillinganes, James Gadson, Marlo Henderson, Al McKay, Larry Carlton, Nathan Watts, Michael Boddicker, Charles Findley, Steve Madaio, Gary Grant, Bill Reichenbach, Eric Culver, Dick Hyde, Lew McCreary, Tom Malone & Gary Herbig.


Original Jazz Classics 1976

The Tracks are: Simbora, Terra, Toledo Bagel, Berimbau Variations, Belisco & Ritmo Number One.
Musicians on the Agora album: Paulinho Da Costa and others.