West coast duo from Sweden…

In 1997 the swedish musicians Peter Starefeldt & Daniel Andersson formed the duo “DP”. Peter and Daniel first met during their high school days in Umeå, and after finishing high school, both Peter and Daniel got to start the 2-year education “studio musician program” and since then, Peter Starefeldt has played with Swedish AOR/ Westcoast artists such as Tommy Nilsson, Jill Johnson and Frank Adahl.

After the high school Daniel Andersson went to Los Angeles to study at the “Musicians Institute, M.I.” were he got the chance to meet and record with some of his music heroes, such as: David Foster, Jason Scheff (Chicago) & Jimmy Haslip (Yellowjackets).

In 2002, Peter and Daniel decided to form a band to record those materials on this CD. Their first CD “Strange Ways” has 5 songs that all are created in the Westcoast / AOR style and are very well-arranged with touch of contemporary jazz. “Strange Ways” are a beautiful debutalbum and “DP” is an interesting new band on the west coast music scene.


Strange Ways

DP Records 2003

Tracks: Statue Of Choice, Strange Ways, Nothing You Can Do About It, Foolish & Maybe We Can Make This Last.

Musicians on the Strange Ways album: Peter Starefeldt, Daniel Andersson, Peter Fredlander, Stefan Olofsson, Fredrik Lundgren, Jonas Holmstrröm, Markus Asplund, Fredrik Ohlin, Daniel Nyström, Gerger Hillman, Pontus Westberg, Mikael Emsing, Paulo Murga, Johanna Fällman, Therese Sandström, Christian Thomsen & Frank Ådahl.