A succesfully singer/songwriter project…

Back in 1996 the danish singer/songwriter Kristian Svenningsen formed DeMarco with the idea of writing traditional american roots music with danish lyrics. In 1997 the project was added by the guitarist Janus Bechmann, that since then has been a member of the group. In the period to 1998 DeMarco is a well established live act and plays more than 100 concerts in two years time.

Beside focusing on DeMarco Kristian Svenningsen also has the time to start Writer´s Club, a community of songwriters that frequently meets at the venue place Fatter Eskil in Aarhus to perform their songs unplugged to the audience. Writer´s Club are today an important part of the danish singer/songwriter tradition and many artists has started their career with this.

In 1999 the debutalbum “Stemning Til Forandring” is released. A couple of years before they did release a promo cd with two songs, but finally the full album was done. The CD was relased on their own label Zono Records with 10 songs and especially “Faldet For Dig” & “Bare Lidt Sommer” gets a lot of airplay in the radio.

The first half year of 2001 DeMarco works in the studio with songs to their next album. This time they works with more musicians and in the summertime they have finished recording 14 songs. Over the summer DeMarco decide to let 11 of the songs to be on the album “Bli´Ved Med At Rejse” an album with songs about travelin´, old romance, life and more. All songs with roots in the traditional singer/songwriter style.

Again DeMarco gets a lot of attention from radio, medias etc. and the first single “Farver i Dit Smil” goes directly in rotation on the national radiostation. The album hits the street in Oktober 2001 and DeMarco goes straight on a promotion tour and over a long period plays many livegigs.

In 2002 Kristian Svenningsen begins to write material to the next album and thru his arrangements in the singer/songwriter world he gets the possibility to co-write songs with Jacob Eriksen, Martin Høybye, Morten Bay og Niels Chr Simmelsgaard. Kristian Svenningsen continues to write on more material and they start to work in the studio with these in most of 2003.

Late 2003 DeMarco start the recordings of the songs to the 3rd album. This time they add two members to the team: Willi Johnsson, the legendary bassplayer from the band Gasolin and drummer Mitch Fischermann who earliers worked with the danish west coast group Backseat. Late 2004 the result is released by the label Rar Lyd and the album “Happy End” shows DeMarco more as a band project.

Most of 2005 is work on the road and summer 2005 Janus Bechmann decide to leave DeMarco and in 2006 Kristian Svenningsen puts DeMarco on standby and starts to focus on a soloalbum.


Happy End

Rar Lyd 2004

Tracks: Uden Dig, Hvornar Ka´Vi Ses Igen, Happy End, Talt Ophold, Fremtid Sammen, Rejser Mellem Linjerne, Ham Der Ligner Mig, Lykke Jeg Aldrig Fandt, Hold Fast & Et Enkelt Strog.

Musicians on the Happy End album: Kristian Svenningsen, Janus Bechmann, Mitch Fischermann, Willy Jonsson, Soren Jacobsen, Stephan Grabowski, Morten Buchholtz, Thomas Fleron, Michelle Birkballe, Karoline Kier & Gry Harrit.

Bli´Ved Med At Rejse

Zono Records 2001

Tracks: Bli´Ved Med At Rejse, Drommene Der Sender Bud, Farver I Dit Smil, Forar I San Fransisco, Fader Væk I Ly Af Morket, Regn!, I Den Hellige Dagligdags Navn, La´Dem Fa Love At Se, Skanderborg 1988, Nattetimer & Tag Det Med Dig.

Musicians on the Bli´Ved Med At Rejse album: Kristian Svenningsen, Janus Bechmann, Palle Hjorth, Anni Ringgaard, Kristian Kramer, Thomas Kramer, Karin Dalsgaard, Morten Moller, Kirsten Riis Jensen, Vibeke H. Larsen, Soren Jacobsen, Jacob Skytte & Per Kolling.

Stemning Til Forandring

Zono Records 1999

Tracks: En Enkelt Nat, Selv Den Mindste Tvivl, Vi Er Her Endnu, Bare Lidt Sommer, Faldet For Dig, Man Dit Billede, Al Den Snak, Modte En Som Dig, Citycowboy & Siden Du Krydsede Min Vej.

Musicians on the Stemning Til Forandring album: Kristian Svenningsen, Janus Bechmann, Soren Lykkegaard, Ida Nielsen, Palle Hjorth, Jesper Nyborg & Soren Jacobsen.

De Marco

DeMarco 1997

Tracks: Tag Det Med Dig & Flashlights.

Musicians on the De Marco album: Kristian Svenningsen, Janus Bechmann, Henrik Larsen & Soren Lykkegaard.