The beginning of the west coast from Elsinore…

Four kids from the town Elsinore in Denmark was signed by Ivan Pedersen, owner of the “Black Label” recordcompany.

All bandmembers had played in different groups before the kickstarted “D.C. Army Band”. Inspired by the american west coast music and groups like Toto, Eagles etc. they recorded their debut album and it were released in 1980.

The album was the start of a long west coast music history in the town Elsinore, that later was the center for groups like Toys Of Joy, Kudasai, Lagoon Cowboys, Busborg etc.

D.C. Army Band did only release this album, but all members has been very active in the danish musicbusiness with other groups, as studiomusicians, producers etc., and the leadsinger Soren Launbjerg has been one of the most successfuly musical singers in Denmark for many years.

A couple of years before the album they released two singles, with tracks that are not featured on the album.


D.C. Army Band

Black Label 1980

Tracks: Rocki´n Roll Rebel, She´s Gone Away, Still, Come Around Tonite, Man On Fire, Army Ouverture, Loosing In The End, Something Inside, Today Will Be My Day & I Hate It (Take One).

Musicians on the D.C. Army Band album: Soren Launbjerg, Christian Jacobsen, Lars Overgaard Christensen, Flemming "Flopper" Gernyx, Tracy J. Graham & Ole Konstantyner.

Love Song / Shy Susie

Libra Records 1978

Tracks: Love Song & Shy Susie.

Musicians on the Love Song single: Steve Cannon, Soren Launbjerg, Torben Nielsen, Lars Christensen, Flopper Gernyx & Preben Petersen.

I Can Explain / Magic In The Air

Elsound 1977

Tracks: I Can Explain & Magic In The Air.

Musicians on the I Can Explain single: Claus Bruncke, Soren Launbjerg, Torben Nielsen, Lars Christensen, Flopper Gernyx & Preben Petersen.