It started with Jesus Christ Super Star…

Another great classic west coast album is the only release from Dane Donohue.

On the album Dane Donohue is backed up by Jay Graydon, Mike Porcaro, Bill Champlin. Larry Carlton, Steve Lukather, Don Henley and others.

CBS signed this artist after he has touring all over USA and Europe as a performer of the famous rock musical “Jesus Christ Super Star”. The album, is great an has everything it takes to make it a masterpiece.

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Dane Donohue

CBS Records 1978

Tracks:  Casablanca, Dance With The Stranger, What Am I Supposed To Do Woman, Where Will You Go, Freedom, Can't Be Seen, Whatever Happened, Tracey & Congratulations.

Musicians on the Dane Donohue album: Dane Donohue, Andy Smith, Steve Gadd, Ed Greene, Jeff D'Angelo, Bob Glaub, Scott Edwards, Chuck Rainey, Mike Porcaro, Larry Carlton, Jay Graydon, Steve Lukather, Jai Winding, David Getreau, Victor Feldman, Steve Forman, Ernie Watts, Gary Herbig, Bill Champlin, Don Henley, Stevie Nicks, J.D. Souther, Tim B. Schmit, Herb Pedersen & Tom Kelly.