Bjrane Druedal

Singer songwriter from Denmark…

Since he was 14 years old the singer songwriter Bjarne Druedal has been dreamin´ about releasing his own album. Now at the age 43 the dream has come true and the album “Sommernatten Bolger” is released on the recordlabel Kongeplade. In the early years Bjarne Druedal made most of his music together with his friend Soren Rasmussen and together they made performances for their friends, but as time went on Bjarne Druedal began to write music on his own inspired by all the jazzmusic that was played in his home.

In the beginning of the 80´s Rugsted/Kreutzfeldt hit the charts in Denmark, and the writing of Stig Kreutzfeldt and especially his voice has inspired Bjarne Druedal since then and also in his writing.

On his debutalbum Bjarne Druedal decided to bring in some of the most talented musicians that also has been inspired by the west coast pop music and together with them he created the album “Sommernatten Bolger”, and the producer Mikkel Nymand to control the production, and he has created a soft and clean sound on the album.

Musicians on the album: Martin Rimi (drums), plays also on the latest Lars H.U.G. album. Medvirker bl.a på det seneste Lars H.U.G. album. Jon Bruland (bass), 1 call sessionplayer. Ole Kibsgaard (guitars), plays with Shu-bi-dua and many studiosessions. Jacob Andersen (percussion), sessionplayer and has also been active in bands like:. Sneakers, Danseorkestret and Sanne Salomonsen. Thomas Walbum (piano/rhodes), talented jazz pianoplayer and has also released his own soloalbum. Dan Hemmer (organ), danish king of B3 and has also played with Hanne Boel, Master Fatman and many others. Peter Busborg (vocals), has been released his own soloalbum earlier and has been playing with the group Blast and many others. Sanne Graulund (vocals). Lone Selmer (vocals). Georg Forchhammer (rhodes and vocals). Jens Vangsgaard (guitars). Roy Bunnage (drums). Thomas Fonnesbæk (bass) & Kristian Jorgensen (violin).


Kølig Regn

Kongeplade Records 2010

Tracks: Verdens Hjerte, Ukendt Land, Kølig regn, Forfra Igen, Drømmepige, Sommerduet, Lille Oase, Det Er Utroligt, Nogen Gange, Jeg Kommer Igen & Drømmepige (Radio Edit).

Musicians on the Kølig Regn album: Bjarne Druedal, on Bruland, Emil De Waal, Dan Hemmer, Poul Halberg, Jacob Andersen, Ole Kibsgaard, Jacob Christoffersen, Jens Haack, Sanne Graulund, Jonas Krag, Morten Woods, Peter Busborg, Arvid Nielsen & Stephanie Lykkehøj Gudmundsen.

Sommernatten Bølger

Kongeplade Records 2004

Tracks are: Lykkelige Tider, Lysebla I Nat, Sommernatten Bolger, Lykken Lidt På Afstand, Pa Den Anden Side, Tosen, Jeg Spiller Ikke Spil, En Gammel Nar, Lange Leve Nostalgi, Aldrig Mer, Endelig & Julimaleri.

Musicians on the Sommernatten Bølger album: Bjarne Druedal, Martin Rimi, Jon Bruland, Ole Kibsgaard, Thomas Walbum, Dan Hemmer, Jacon Andersen, Peter Busborg, Sanne Graulund, Lone Selmer, Georg Forchhammer, Jens Vangsgaard, Roy Bunnage, Thomas Fonnesbak & Kristian Jorgesen.