Steven J. Camp (born April 13, 1955) is an American contemporary Christian music artist with an adult contemporary pop sound.

He sold more than a million albums. He also has written or co-written 21 number one singles since his debut in 1978 as a solo artist. Today his popularity continues mostly in his Christian writing addressing current trends and matters of Reformed Theology. He started Audience One Ministries and has a blog covering Christian music, biblical study, reformation, and revival.

He is well known for his strong view that Christian musicians are called to make direct, uncompromising music that confronts the world with the message of the Scriptures.

In the tradition of Martin Luther’s 95 theses, Camp sent out his own 107 theses on Reformation Day (October 31), 1998, calling for a reformation in contemporary Christian music.

Selected Discography

One On One

Sparrow Records 1986

Tracks: Foolish Things, The Other Side Of The World, Judgement Begins With The House Of God, One On One, He Covers Me, Cheap Grace, Mr. Brokenhearted, Threshing Floor & He's All I Need.

Musicians on the One On One album: Steve Camp, Dann Huff, Michael Landau, Lee Sklar, Smitty Price, Jeff Porcaro, Dan Greco, Jon Clarke, Margaret Becker, Bob Carlisle, Bill Champlin, Tamara Champlin, Tommy Funderburk, Steve Lively & Jason Scheff.

Shake Me To Wake Me

Sparrow Records 1985

Tracks: Help Is On The Way, Lazy Jane, Surrender Your Heart, Bad News For Modern Man, Stranger To Holiness, On The Edge, Asleep In The Light, Shake Me To Wake Me, Going Through The Emotions & Even Now.

Musicians on the Shake Me To Wake Me album: Steve Camp, Dann Huff, Michael Landau, Dave Perkins, Neil Stubenhaus, Rhett Lawrence, James Newton Howard, Alan Pasqua, Smitty Price, John Rosasco, Paul Leim, Jim Horn, Susanne Norman, Susie Allenson, Carol Frazier, Rob Frazier, Marti McCall & Gary Pigg.

Fire And Ice

Sparrow Records 1984

Tracks: Upon This Rock, It Is Good, Love's Not A Feeling, Heart Of Stone, Living In Laodicea, Squeeze, Fire And Ice, Light Your Candle, What Would The Devil Say & Where Are The Heroes.

Musicians on the Fire And Ice album: Steve Camp, Dann Huff, Marty Walsh, Gary Lunn, John Patitucci, Rhett Lawrence, Smitty Price, John Rosasco, Keith Edwards, Joe English, Alex MacDougall, Brandon Fields, Michele Pillar,  Joane Anderson, Carol Frazier, Rob Frazier, Howard McCrary, Linda McCrary, Charity McCrary, Diane Thiel & Kevin Thiel.

It´s A Dying World

Myrrh Records 1983

Tracks: Holding On To You, Don't Wanna Be Friends, It's A Dying World, You Comfort Me, You Know What's Right, Light Your Candle, I Don't Live By Chance, Tongue Is A Fire, Can You Sleep Tonight & Man Does Not Live.

Musicians on the It's A Dying World album: Steve Camp, Norman Barrett, Larry Tomaso, Dave Morris, Russell Caldwell, Joane Anderson & Diane Thiel.

For Every Man

Myrrh Records 1981

Tracks: Jesus On Our Side, Gimme What It Takes, Farther And Higher, Jesus Drawing Me, The Net Of Peter, Thank You, The Only Story (Written In My Life), You Just Talk to Me, Run To The Battle, Back In The Furnace & For Every Man.

Musicians on the For Every Man album: Steve Camp, Sonny Garrish, Jon Goin, Steve Dokken, Larry Paxton, Bob Wray, Randy Hammel, Howard McCrary, Keith Thomas, Mark Hammond, Kenny Malone, Danny Carden, Jerry Evans, Terry McMillan, Denise Thomas, Dennis Solee, Don Hart, Bergen White, Joane Anderson, Doana Cooper, Diana DeWitt Hanna, Howard McCrary, Gary Pigg, Russ Taff, Diane Thiel & Kevin Thiel.

Start Believin´

Myrrh Records 1980

Tracks: The Feeling Is Happening, You Are The Rainbow, Easy Livin' (Under The Sun), Ambassador In Chains, Start Believin', Under His Love, Do They Have To Grow Up ?, I'll Always Need You Lord, Bobby & Psalm 131.

Musicians on the Start Believin´album: Steve Camp and others.

Sayin´It With Love

Myrrh Records 1978

Tracks: Sayin' It With Love, Me, If I Were A Singer, Gather In His Name, Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled, God Loves You, Good News, Song For Mom, Lord Make Me Humble, Strong Love, Strange Peace With Diamonds & Tell Everybody.

Musicians on the Sayin' It With Love album: Steve Camp, Frank Barbalace, Bruce Gaitsch, Danny Leek, Sidney Sims, Rusty Taylor, Pat Leonard, Paul Libman, Ron Kapland, Tom Ratdke, Jackie Skalow, Louis DuChane, Ron Kapland, Brenda Mitchell, Steve Eisen, Sol A. Bobrov, Elliot M. Golub, Harold D. Klatz, Roger Moulton, Arnold Roth, Everett Zlatoff Mirsky, Josi DeChristopher, Vicki Hubbley, Butch Patrini, Debby Wolgemuth & Steve Wyer.