A great songwriter…

Jude Cole joined the British power pop band the Records in 1980, after their first album was released; he stayed with them for one album. After a few years, Cole re-emerged with his own solo record, 1987’s Jude Cole, which was a much slicker, mainstream-oriented affair than any of the Records’ records, yet it did have its charm; unfortunately, it was ignored.

That was not the case with his second album, 1990’s A View From 3rd Street, which had a bona fide hit single with the sweet, yearning “Baby, It’s Tonight.” Another single from the album went Top 40, as Cole enjoyed a surprise success. This album became a big hit for Jude Cole and 2 years after the album “Start The Car” was released. Although he wasn’t able to repeat his success with the follow-up, it was another solid album of mainstream pop/rock, full of shiny hooks and sleek, memorable melodies. A great follow up to A View From 3rd Street, but it didn´t have the same commercial success.

In 1995 he released the album “I Don´t Know Why I Act This Way”, a great album with Pat Mastellotto (ex-Mr Mister) on the drums and Steve Porcaro (ex-Toto) on keyboards and a lot of other fine musicians.

After a 5 years where Jude Cole didn´t make any albums, he now enters again with “Falling Home” that was released in 2000 on CDX Records. Beside his solowork Jude Cole has been doing a lot of songwriting and right now you can hear one of his songs on the “Lifehouse” album.


Falling Home

CDX Records 2000

Tracks: My Friend Stan, I Won't Bleed, Braking Wheels, Leave Me Alone, Falling Home, Any Dark Day, More Than A Breakup Song, Somewhere, Raining On The Moon, You Make It Easy, Inhale & Peaceful In Mine.

Musicians on the Falling Home album: Jude Cole and others.

I Don´t Know Why I Act This Way

Island Records 1995

Tracks: Speed Of Life, Believe In You, Move If You're Goin', Lowlife, Joe Sheila Don't Remember, Take The Reins, Madison, Hole At The Top Of The World & Heaven's Last Attempt.

Musicians on the I Don´t Know Why I Act This Way album: Jude Cole, Chris Botti, Jon Brion, Paul Bushnell, Sally Dworsky, Mark Goldenberg, Michael Lawrence, Samuel Llanas, Pat Mastelotto, Phil Parlapiano, Steve Porcaro, Martin Tillman & Lyle Workman.

Start The Car

Reprise Records 1992

Tracks: Start The Car, Worlds Apart, Open Road, Just Another Night, Tell The Truth, Intro, Right There Now, First Your Money (Then Your Clothes), It Comes Around, Blame It On Fate & A Place In The Line.

Musicians on the Start The Car album: Jude Cole, James Newton-Howard, Renee Geyer, Tommy Shaw, Michael Thompson, Sass Jordan, Jim Keltner, Richard Green, Ron Aniello, Jack Blades, Robbie Buchanan, Lenny Castro, John Elefante, Mike Finnegan, Gary Grant, Marc Greene, Jerry Hey, Dan Higgins, Phillip Ingram, Kenneth Kotwitz, Samuel Llanas, Pat Mastelotto, David Paich, Jeff Porcaro, Robert Parlee, Bill Payne, Tim Pierce, Steve Porcaro, John "J.R." Robinson, Chuck Sabatino, Lee Sklar, Neil Stubenhaus & Larry Williams.

A View From 3rd Street

Reprise Records 1990

Tracks: Hallowed Ground, Baby It's Tonight, House Full Of Reasons, Get Me Through The Night, Time For Letting Go, Stranger To Myself, This Time It's Us, Heart Of Blues, Compared To Nothing & Prove Me Wrong.

Musicians on the A View From 3rd Street album: Jude Cole, E.G. Daily, Pat Mastelotto, Jeff Porcaro, Tim Pierce, Lee Sklar, Dave Tyson & Larry Williams.

Jude Cole

Reprise Records 1987

Tracks: Like Lovers Do, Walls That Bend, You Were In My Heart, Something That You Want, Life Of Luxury, The Hurt, Everyone's In Love, Better Days, Walk On Water & Crying Mary.

Musicians on the Jude Cole album: Jude Cole, Kenny G, Rob Mounsey, Jimmy Maelen, Eric Weissberg, Jill Dell'Abate, Jeff Bova, Jimmy Bralower, Mickey Curry, Reggie Griffin & Texhnofunk, Lani Groves, Robbie Kilgore, John Oates, Frank Simms, Ron Skies, Russ Titelman & Mark Stevens.