Featuring Bunetta, Chudacoff and Smith…

Crackin’ was a legendary group featuring Peter Bunetta and Rick Chudacoff and Leslie Smith. Their 1st album “Crackin'” was released in 1975 but without Peter Bunetta, he first joined the band in 1977.

The two first albums is typical San Francisco Bay Area Music. Their 3rd and 4th album was made in the Los Angeles style and produced by Michael Omartian.


Special Touch

Warner Bros 1978

Tracks: Double Love, Too Young, Heavenly Day, Nobody Else, I Could Be Anything, I Can't Wait Forever, In Between, Don't Cha Love Me, On The Wing & Kalalee.

Musicians on the Special Touch album: Arno Lucas, Leslie Smith, Bolo Bordy, Brian Ray, George T. Clinton, Rick Chudacoff, Peter Bunetta, Michael Omartian, Ernie Watts, Gayle Levant, Jay Graydon, Maxine Willard Waters & Julia Teilman Waters.


Warner Bros 1977

Tracks: It Just Takes A While, The Force Is Watching You, Fallen Dancer, Do You Need More Time, Don't You Wish You Could Be There, You Know Where I Am, The World's A Fool For You & You'll Feel Better.

Musicians on the Crackin´ album: Rick Chudacoff, Arno Lucas, Leslie Smith, Lester Abrams, Peter Bunetta, Brian Ray, Bob Bordy, George T. Clinton, Gene Dinwiddie, Stemsey Hunter, Steve Madaio, Chuck Findley, Jackie Kelso, Fred Selden & Michael Omartian.

Making Of A Dream

Warner Bros 1977

Tracks: Feel Alright, Take Me To The Bridge, Beautiful Day, I Want To Sing It To You, Well And Good, Who You Want Me To Be, What Goes Around Comes Around, You're Winning & (There's A) Better Way.

Musicians on the Making Of A Dream album: Leslie Smith, Arno Lucas, Lester Abrams, George T. Clinton, Rick Chudacoff, Peter Bunetta, Bobby Bordy, Victor Feldman, Milt Holland, David Sanborn & Gene Dinwiddie.


Polydor Records 1975

Tracks: Wanna Dance?, Nothin´To Fear, Fall In Line, Starring You, Turn It Over, Right As Rain, What Ta Day, Live Life Simple, Jump Up & Get Crackin´.

Musicians on the Crackin´-1 album: Rick Chudacoff, Arno Lucas, Bob Bordy, Lester Abrams, Leslie Smith, George T. Clinton and others.