New west coast group from Sweden…

The keyboard player Claes Corin teamed up with vocalist Göran Edman several years ago to create a west coast music project called “Corin & Edman”. Actually Claes Corin has worked with most of the songs since late 80´s but due to his civilian job there wasn´t enought time to focus 100% on the music career.

But in the beginning of 2000 Claes Corin started to work seriously with the project and 3 songs “Live On Love” You´ll Be Hearing From Me” & Keeping You On My Mind” were recorded and produced by Hakan Mjörnheim who has worked on several other west coast projects. The project continued with recording songs and in 2004 the actually album was ready to get into the final works.

Then the process started to get the project signed to a label and also do the final touch on the recordings. Hakan Lundberg mixed the songs “Here Today Gone Tomorrow” & “Fall From Grace” at Room3 studio. Rest of the album is mixed by Oli Poulsen. Oli Poulsen is “famous” for his great popsound with a touch of west coast, which he recently did when he mixed and produced the “George & G” album. With the same ideas and sound he is a great contribution to the Corin & Edman album.

In 2006 Corin & Edman signed to the label Musicmould and a complete album with 10 powerful songs with the title “Roc de Light” is now released.

Most people mainly knows Göran Edman from the Swedish AOR- & Metal music scene were he has been playin´ with John Norum (Europe), Yngwie Malmsteen, Rising Force, Glory, Brazen Abbot, Street Talk, Karmakanic, XsavioR. But he is certainly not unknown to the west coast fans due to his work with Frédéric Slama´s AOR projects, Tommy Denander and many others.

The talent of Claes Corin´s songwriting and keyboard playin´ together with Göran Edman´s fantastic vocals make the album “Roc de Light” as one of the most interesting west coast releases this year.


Roc De Light

Musicmould 2006

Tracks: Damage Is Done, Never Again, Here Today Gone Tomorrow, Live On Love, Fall From Grace, Keeping You On My Mind, Black Widow, Good Luck Charm, You´ll Be Hearing From Me & True Colors.

Musicians on the Roc de Light album: Claes Corin, Goran Edman, Hakan Mjornheim, Sam Bengtsson, Oli Poulsen, Hans Poulsen, Lotta Borg, Wojtek Goral, Pontus Borg, Karl Gunér, Paolo Mendonca & Hakan Lundberg.

Corin & Edman

Corin & Edman 2004

Tracks: Good Luck Charm, Never Again, Damage Is Done, Keeping You On My Mind, You´ll Be Hearing From Me, True Colors, Black Widow, Here I Am, Ball´n Chain & Live On Love.

Musicians on the Corin & Edman album: Claes Corin, Goran Edman, Hakan Mjornheim, Sam Bengtsson, Oli Poulsen, Hans Poulsen, Sandra Tillbom & Lotta Borg.