West coast music from South Africa …

Ewald & Arnold Coleske are the two guys behind the band “Coleske”.

With music inspired by the singer/songwriter tradition and west coast they have released three great albums.


Sings Simon & Garfunkel

Jukebox Records 2001

Tracks: The Sound Of Silence. Homeward Bound, I Am A Rock, The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Good), Mrs Robinson, Scarborough Fair, El Condor Pasa, The Boxer, Medley of Paul Simon Solo hits: (Still Crazy After All These Years, Mother & Child Reunion, Cecilia, Take me To The Mardi Gras & Slip Slidin' Away), A Heart In New York (Art Garfunkel Solo Hit) & Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Musicians on the Sings Simon & Garfunkel album: Ewald Coleske, Arnold Coleske, Mauritz Lotz, Dennis Lallouhette, Mathys Maree & Bruce Wallis.

Faith In Love

Gallo Records 2000

Tracks: Faith In Love, Aphrodite (Feeling Much More), Caring For You, Losing It, With You, Our Love Is A River, Uyangihlanyisa “You Turn Me On”, Wasted Time, As A Friend, Why Do We Hurt Each Other So Bad, Aphrodite (Feeling Much More) Remix & Simple As A Song.

Musicians on the Faith In Love album: Ewald Coleske, Arnold Coleske and others.


Tusk Records 1996

Tracks: Share My Life, Vanishing Point, My Only, Take Me Where The Sun Is Shining, Life Is Going On (Without You), Wish I Was Young (And Still In Love), Click Song, Smiling Heart & Kevin.

Musicians on the Coleske album: Ewald Coleske, Arnold Coleske, Harold Schenk, Mauritz Lotz, Denny Lallouette, Wally Cullis & Barry Snyman.