Made in France…

Singers/Songwriters Sarah & Mélissa Fontaine are certainly no strangers to small sold out clubs. During the last five years, they developed a strong following performing in the west country of their native France.

Their unique style reflects an influence of Melodic and Classic rock by bands that range from The Eagles to Yngwie Malmsteem, Giant, Dakota,Toto and Survivor. In a chance meeting with Frédéric Slama of AOR fame (who played with members of Toto, FM, Chicago, Dakota among many others) their careers, and their new band « Chasing Violets » took an exciting turn and they decided to record their first English CD “Outside Heaven” produced by Frédéric Slama.

« Chasing Violets » reflects Sarah & Mélissa’s passion for AOR music: Melodic rock with a touch of sensuality. « Chasing Violets » is the answer to their dreams – Two female lead singers fronting the band with the best Aor musicians in the world. “Outside Heaven” is sure to become an instant AOR classic, following in the footsteps of other Aor great’s Robin Beck, Fiona and Heart.

Produced by Frédéric Slama and co-arranged by the legendary Tommy Denander (Alice Cooper, Paul Stanley from Kiss, Toto, Jimi Jamieson etc.) with the help of Paul Sabu (Only Child, Shania Twain), David Diggs (Quincy Jones, Richie Furay), Christian Tolle (CTP, Cooper Inc.), and various top arrangers including Frédéric Slama of AOR fame, “Outside Heaven” is a pure stroke of genius taking Aor music to a new level of perfection. With “ Outside Heaven”, Chasing Violets delivers a first class melodic rock album, with a twist of Journey, Toto and Heart, ewhich will certainly be among the finest releases of the year!.

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Jade Hearts

AOR Records 2013

Tracks: The Main Attraction, Web Of Lies, A Shot In The Dark, Silent Victory, Deception In Heaven, Jade Hearts, Secrets In The Shadows, Hollow Triumph, Exile In Sadness, The Scarlet Nymph, Halo Of Light & I Owe It to Myself.

Musicians on the Jade Hearts album: Sarah Fontaine, Mélissa Fontaine, Rick Riso, Göran Edman, Bob Harris, Mikael Erlandsson, Tommy Denander, Paul Sabu, Frédéric Slama, Carmine Martone, Christian Tolle, David Mark Pearce, Linkan Andersson, Stefano Lionetti, Mario Percudani, Anna Portalupi, Ken Sandin, Sacha Spiegel, Pat Thern, Alessandro Del Vecchio, Eric Ragno & Colin Rodgers.


Outside Heaven

Perris Records 2012

Tracks: I Can´t Love You No More, No Margin For Error, The Price To Pay, When The Darkness Falls, Voices In The Wind, Above Suspicion, Outside Heaven, Hold Back The Dawn, No One´S Gonna Hurt Me Anymore, A Hole In Paradise, You´re My Obsession, Cease Fire & Juast Wanna Be Your Heaven.

Musicians on the China album: Sarah Fontaine, Melissa Fontaine, Frederic Slama, Tommy Denander, Jerry Hludzik, Paul Sabu, David Diggs, Philip Bardowell, Goran Edman, Christian Trolle, Michael Landau, Dane Donohue, Rick Riso, Bruce Gaiths, Erin Ragno, Mike Baird, Alessandro Del Vecchio, David Mark Pearce, Joey Summer, Stefano Lionetti, Colin Rodgers, Robert Sall, Tim Manford, Morris Adriaens, Anna Portalupi, Mario Percudani, John Barbour, Daniel Fontaine, Miri Miettinen, Pierpaolo Monti, Herman Furin, Sacha Spiegel, Urban Danielsson & Pat Thern.