Cecilio & Kapono is a Hawaiian pop music duo formed in 1973 by Henry Kapono Ka’aihue and Cecilio David Rodriguez.

The duo released three albums on Columbia Records: the self-titled Cecilio & Kapono (1974), Elua (1975), and Night Music (1977).

To date, the duo has released more than a dozen full-length albums which have incorporated various genres including Top 40 pop, modern soul, funk, disco, rock, and traditional Hawaiian. Individually, the two artists have also released numerous solo recordings.

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Selected Discography

Together Live

Paradise Records 1982

Tracks: Goodnight & Goodmorning, Summer Lady, Sunflower, All In Love Is Fair, Lifetime Party, Highway In The Sun, Lovin' In Your Eyes, 6 O'Clock Bad News, I Am The Other Man, You And Me, Suite: Judy Blue Eyes, Here With You, Night Music, Sailin' & Friends.

Musicians on the Together Live album: Cecilio & Henry Kapono.

Life´s Different Now

Starbolt Records 1980

Tracks: Life's Different Now, Goodbye, Skyway, You Are The Reason, Maguey, Gerry's Tune, L.A., Here I Am, Don't Say No & I'm Tired.

Musicians on the Life´s Different Now: Cecilio & Henry Kapono.

Night Music

Columbia Records 1977

Tracks: The Nightmusic, Love By The Numbers, After The Omen, We're All Alone, Have You Ever Had That Feelin', Climb The Line, Make It Up To You, Here With You, I Love You, Longing & Sailin'.

Musicians on the Night Music album: Cecilio, Henry Kapono (Guitars & Vocals), Artie Alinikoff, Kevin Calhoun, Randy Lorenzo, Alan Pasqua & Tom Scott.


Columbia Records 1975

Tracks: Goodnight And Goodmorning, You And Me, I Am The Other Man, About You, Someday, Home (And I'm Staying This Time), 6 O'clock Bad News, Highway In The Sun, Summer Lady & Railway Stations.

Musicians on the Elua album: Cecilio, Henry Kapono, Michael Baird, Jim Gordon, Joe Osborne, Leland Sklar, Jay Dee Maness, Al Garth, L. Myhoberac, David Paich, Gary Coleman & Bobbye Hall.

Cecilio & Kapono

Columbia Records 1974

Tracks: Feeling Just The Way I Do (Over You), Lifetime Party, Sunflower, Lovin' In Your Eyes, All In Love Is Fair, Gotta Get Away, Song For Someone, Friends & Sunshine Love.

Musicians on the Cecilio & Kapono album: Cecilio, Henry Kapono, Russ Kunkel, Wilton Felder, Leland Sklar, Jay Dee Maness, Craig Doerge, David Paich, Bobbye Hall & Jim Horn.