Member of the Royal Family …..

Al Campos is a singer & trombone player, songwriter and producer. He was born into the Royal Family of Gospel Singers and Praise Warriors. His mother, Adela was a recording artist herself in the 1950’s & 60’s with “The Messengers.” It was his mother who first introduced him to music. He began to play music at age 8. Al was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. and is a current resident of Copenhagen Denmark, where he lives with his Danish wife since 1990.

Although Al Campos is a “new” solo artist to the world, he is a veteran musician, trombone player and vocalist with over 30 years of experience. Rooted deeply in soul, r&b, gospel and jazz, Al Campos has written all the lyrics and music on Old School Lovin’. He has also co-written some of the tracks on Old School Lovin’ with his European band members.

Old School Lovin’ was recorded in Copenhagen Denmark. During the final listening of the recorded tracks, it was clear to Al Campos that the album could only be mixed in USA in order to achieve the authentic sound, energy and vibe he was going for. The only question was, who could that be? Who could mix this album and give it that soulful and authentic sound in the mix?

Turn to Memphis, Tennessee. It is here at Willie Mitchell’s Royal Recording Studios where Al Campos would find his authentic sound and mixes. Willie Mitchell and his son Boo Mitchell would honor Al Campos by mixing all 11 songs on the album. Willie Mitchell is best known as the producer and songwriter for the great American legend in soul music, Al Green.

More information about Al Campos at his official website.


Old School Lovin´

Postive Soul Records 2007

Tracks: Old School Lovin´, I´m The One Who Loves You, New York Feeling, Take This Love Of Mine, Dream A Little Dream, Have You Ever Wondered, Can´t Hide Love, Queen Of My Soul, I Know What Love Is, Music Is My Life & One People One Love.

Musicians on the Old School Lovin´ album: Al Campos, Daniel Fridell, Martin Finding, Thomas Risell, Michael Finding & Ignacio Guerra Acosta.