Making big things easy…

The Big Easy did only release one album before they splitted up. The band was leaded by singer Torben Zingernagel together with Frank Lorenzen, Simon Harder & Jacob Nyborg.

In the studio they got help from Hans Henrik Egestorp from Toys Of Joy.


The Big Easy

Edel Records 1994

Tracks: Last Call, Let The Rain Stop, Wheels, Wild World, Go Back, Drawing A Circle, Katielee, Angel, Bound To Believe & Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now.

Musicians on the The Big Easy album: Torben Zinckernagel, Simon Harder, Jakob Nyborg, Frank Lorenzen, Gry Harrit, Peaches, Hans Henrik Egestorp, Frede Ewert, Søren Jacobsen, Jan Lysdahl, Rune Harder Olesen, Pia Trøjgaard & Steen Ørting.