The singer from Graydon´s Airplay For The Planet project …

The Musician – Singer
Reading the list of superstars Sherwood Ball has worked with during his long music carrier is almost like reading the Music Hall of Fame; Bruce Springsten, Eddie Van Halen, Jackson Brown, Alice Cooper, Bonie Raitt, Stills & Nash, Jay Graydon, Steve Lukather, Steve Morse, Albert Lee, Etta James, Three Dog Night and many, many more.

Born and raised in California, USA, as the oldest of four in a very musical family, at an early age, he started to play the guitar and sing encouraged by his parents.

Nowadays Sherwood both sings, plays guitar, bass and keyboards. He’s also a highly succesful song writer.

The Director – Actor
Sherwood is not only a talented musician and singer. He started at a very young age also as child actor in the Hollywood movie “Follow Me Boys” (also staring a young Kurt Russsell) and followed that up by appearing in several TV-series and acted in over 60 national commercials. He played the Mummy and about 5 other characters in Tim Burtons’ “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and lately has directed and produced his first 35mm full length movie, “”.

Sherwood has also written, directed and produced several short films. All his movies are produced together with his wife, actor and writer, Celia Xavier Ball. They are currently in production on a feature length documentary entitled, “Surviving the Reign of Terror – The Osage Indian Murders”.

Voice Actor
Sherwood has also been the announcer for Toyota for over 10 years. Other companies he’s sung or been the voice for are: Mc Donalds, Cadillac, Sprint, Wal Mart, Coors, Coca Cola, Georgia Coffee, Atomic Skiis, Japan Airlines, etc.



Storm Alliance Media 2017

Tracks: Dance The Night Away, I Want A Little Girl, C´Est La Vie Mon Ami, Chinatown Blues, Nature Boy, Summertime, Stranger In My House, Lookin Back, My Foolish Heart, Show Me The Magic, Willow Weep For Me, Up From The Skies & Irish Eyes.

Musicians to the Legacy album: Sherwood Ball, The Les Hooper Band and others.

Dreamin´ Of Christmas in L.A.

EMI Records 1997

Tracks: Heaven Knows. Lovin´Arms, Drink Of Me, A Tribute To Princess Diana & Dreamin´Of Christmas In L.A.

Musicians on the Dreamin´Of Christmas in L.A. album: Sherwood Ball, Ted Sarafian & Tim Redfield.

Folis Paradyce

Quintessential Records 1996

Tracks: Mercy, Stand Still, Living The Moment, Broken Lines, Baby Bye Bye, In The Light Of All Things, Folis Paradyce, Discretion, Garden Of Desire & After Me.

Musicians on the Folis Paradyce album: Sherwood Ball, Jay Oliver, Tris Imboden, John Pierce, Carl Verheyen, Dave Owens, Steve Porcaro, Ted Sarafian, Toshi Yanagi, Oren Waters, Carmen Carter, Katrina Perkins.

White Light

Ball Records 1995

Tracks: Say That You Love Me,, Insincere, Garden Of Desire, Baby Bye Bye, Can´t Get Enough, Trouble, Piece Of My Heart, Imagine It´s Me & One Day To Love You.

Musicians on the White Light album: Sherwood Ball, Jay Oliver, Steve Porcaro, Michael Thompson, Scott Spock, Tom Hooper, Steve Lukather, Katrina Perkins & Celia Xavier Ball.