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Peter started his career as a guitarist and singer in 1966, with a band called “Crowd”, which later changed into “Liza”. In 1974, they moved to Copenhagen to make their debut album. But before that, in ’69, they had made a single.

The debut album made it fair, and 2 years later, in 1976, the successor: “Take a look again”. Next album, which was released in 1978, was all Danish and called “Hold kontakten”.

Approximately at the same time, Peter Brander joined the band “Charlatan”, and they recorded 2 albums: “Glimt fra Werners Verden” (1977), “Masser af Mennesker”, including the hit-single: “Johnny Gi Et Nummer” (1979), and “Gi Den En Paa Hatten” (1981).

After that, Peter Brander played in “Kroelle Eriks Bluesband”. They made 2 albums, and after that, Peter Brander had a quit period, at least concerning own recording. The following years is spending making albums and sounds, among others “Nikolaj og Piloterne”, “Big Fat Snake”.

In 1989, he toured with Michael Falch on the tour called “Haabets Hotel”, and this collaboration still continues. He has also mixed and recorded all of Peter Viskinde’s albums (except the very first), just as he has helped making the sound on records by Poul Krebs, One Two, Zapp Zapp, Nikolaj Steen, C. V. Joergensen and many more.

In 1997, Peter Brander releases his first solo-album: “AM/PM Blue Shades”, and the year after that, he played a lot of gigs, e.c. as warm-up for B. B. King. In 1999 the band “The North” is formed with Klaus Schoenning and Kim Skovbye. So far the band has released 2 albums, and a 3rd is to be released.

In 2002, Peter Brander releases his 2nd solo-album: “Silk and Steel”, which is followed by a lot of concerts, including Langelandsfestivalen, Dragoer Festivalen, as warm-up for Peer Gren in Amager Bio among others. Besides playing music, Peter Brander attends to his professional studio: Media Sound in Copenhagen, where a vast majority of all Danish musicians, sometimes or another has recorded.

Throughout his long and comprehensive career, Peter Brander has recorded a lot of albums, numerous demos, and performed live more many times.

In 2016 Peter Brander can celebrate his 40th anniversary as recording artists, musician, side-man, producer etc. and to celebrate this a new solo album will be released titled “Town & Country”.


Town & Country

Airborne Records 2017

Tracks: Bring Back The Good Times, In The Middle Of The Night,, We Were Young, I´m Sorry, Words, Take A Look In The Mirror, Time To Look Inside, I Don´t Need Your Money, Can´t Live Without You, Break A Few Unwritten Rules & Alone In Chicago.

Musicians on the Town & Country album: Peter Brander and others.

Town & Country "Special Anniversary Edition"

Airborne Records 2016

Tracks: I´m Sorry, I Don´t Need Your Money, Time To Look Inside & Sneaking Up On You.

Musicians on the Town & Country "Special Anniversary Edition" EP: Peter Brander and others.

Brander & Larsen The Electric Blues Band

Airborne Records 2013

Tracks: Going Up The Country, All Along The Watchtower, I Heard It Through The Grapevine, Woman Across The River, Good Morning Little Schoolgirl, Dark Eyed Cajun Woman, Feeling Allright, Strange Brew, Yonderwall, Crosseyed Cat & My Own Fault.

Musicians to the Brander & Larsen The Electric Blues Band album: Peter Brander, Morten Larsen, Helge Solberg, Tom Holm Jensen, Rune Harder Olesen, Dan Hemmer, Søren Skov, Olle Nyberg & Raul Rekow.

No Compromises

Airborne Records 2010

Tracks: CD1: No Compromises, If You Don´t, Alone In Chicago, No-one Is Gone, A Taste Of Honey, In The Eyes Of A Stranger, Guilty, Spinning Around & Cry Out (Bonus Live Track). CD2: Freddy´s Shuffle, Born Under A Bad Sign, Someday After A While, Pretty Woman, I Put A Spell On You, Help Me, Don´t Want You No More, Storm On The Horizon, All Your Love, Messin´With The Kid & Sitting On Top Of The World.

Musicians on the No Compromises album: Peter Brander, Klaus Menzer, Dan Hemmer, Henrik West, Kim Johansen, Anne Murillo, Gry Trampedach, Klaus Langeskov, Søren Kuhle, Andre Andersen, Kent Olsen & Raul Rekow.

Living On The Road

Tewa Records 2007

Tracks: The Best You Got, Promises, Living On The Road, Nothing In Return, Don´t Tell Me Lies, Too Many Mondays, Closer To Heaven, Boogie On Shake, Moonlight On The Bay & All The Things You Do.

Musicians on the Living On The Road album: Peter Brander, Kim Johansen, Claus Langeskov, Soren Kuhle, Rauel Rekow, Anne Murillo, Gry Trampedach, Andre Sjorup Anker, Trine Stockpleth Harving, Torben Seerup Pedersen, Helene Schlanbusch, Mette Gjorup, Helle Elisabeth Dam, Katharina Beatz, Jacob Kristiansen, Jan Klausen, Andreas Linsdell, Andre Jensen, Ketil Duckert, Johan Bylling Lang & Rune Buhr.

Silk & Steel

Kick Records 2002

Tracks: Intro, Don´t Change, Just How You Play The Game, Don´t Give Up, Stone Tears, Silk And Steel, Angel, Lost In Your Eyes, Six Blade Knife, World´s Collide & Love Is So Beautiful.

Musicians on the Silk & Steel album: Peter Brander, Kim Johansen, Soren Kuhle, Nicolas Findsen, Johnny Stage, Oliver Stephensen, Anne Murillo, Gry Trampedach, Claus Langeskov, Pete Repete, Steen Mogensen, Michael Falch, Kasper Foss, Jakob Kristiansen & Niels Henriksen.