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    As the name indicates West Coast Music has its origin on the American West Coast. The music emphasizes melody, harmonies and arrangements, and the vocal and instrumental performances are always with great skill and of high quality. The music is often performed by pop/rock artists from the American West Coast, but is in no way limited to any geografical area.


Funky west coast music…

In Norway, where the musical diet consists almost entirely of white rock&roll, an artist such as Ole Børud is indeed a welcoming spice. With one leg planted in American west coast-music, and the other in soul and funk, his debut album, Shakin.. the Ground, will shake the country’s musical fundament, and most importantly, the dance floor. The album, however, is not merely a defining musical moment on these latitudes: Shakin.. the Ground sounds unique by any standards, and showcases an abundance of musical qualities that are rarely heard these days.

Ole Børud is far from a newcomer in the Norwegian music scene. Few artists are as widely experienced. Starting his singing career at the age of five, Ole appeared on his first record already the year after. From the age of sixteen, he has been a full-time musician, both singing and playing guitar, with numerous bands and artists in a variety of genres and settings. Ole has toured every continent, and starred on almost twenty album releases, ranging from the gospelgroup Arnold B Family to the internationally acclaimed metal band Extol.

His musical résumé also includes national luminaries as Sofian and Torun Eriksen, and he has shared the stage with international artists such as Andrae Crouch. Shakin the Ground is Ole Børud’s debut as a solo artist. His music is a result of his diverse background, and is just as exciting. Close harmonies and sophisticated arrangements bears proof of his love for 70s west coast, whereas the rhythms are deeply rooted in funk and R&B. The album is in many ways a musical encounter between west coast sunshine and a gritty east coast urbanity, where you can hear inspiration from artists as different as Steely Dan and D..angelo. But what really gives the album its distinctive stamp, is Ole Børud’s incomparable voice: As crystal clear as it is funky, it leaves a unique personal signature, carrying the tunes with nerve, heart and soul. With some of the best Norwegian musicians in the band, the stage is set for one of the most groundshaking musical experiences of the year.

Read more about Ole Borud at his MySpace site.


Stepping Up

Connection Music 2014

Tracks: Think Twice, Maybe, Uptown Citizen, Giving Myself A Break, Stepping Up, Keep This World Alive, Turn Me Around, Driving, On And On & Everywhere I Go.

Musicians on the Stepping Up album: Ole Borud and others.

The Best

Village Again 2013

Tracks: Better Deal, Step Into My Light, City Lights, Through The Fire, One More Try, All Because Of You, Keep Movin´, She´s Like No Other, Chi-Ro, Spreadin´The News, Broken People, Resting Day, Rock Steady, Shakin´The Ground & Add Up The Wonders.

Musicians on the Best album: Ole Borud and others.


Master Music 2012

Tracks: Chi-rho, Dying Man, Pray To God, Thrown Away, Hold Me Jesus, There Is A Line, Let The Kingdom Come, Alice In Wonderland, Let It Go & Add Upp The Wonders, Little Country Church, A Love Song & What A Day.

Musicians on the Chi-rho album: Ole Borud, Thomas Borud, Stein Austrud and others.

Keep Movin

OBM Records 2011

Tracks: High Time, Rock Steady, Keep Movin , Awaiting Your Reply, Broken People, Make A Change, Heaven Is On My Side, She’s Like No Other, Souls in Chains, Step Into My Light & Resting Day.

Musicians on the Keep Movin album: Ole Borud, Ruben Dalen, Lars Erik Dahle, Frode Mangen, Jens Petter Antonsen, Børge Are Halvorsen, Even Skatrud, Markus Lillehaug Johnsen & Hilde Stavnem Børud.

Shakin´ The Ground

OBM Records 2008

Tracks: Backyard Party, All Because Of You, The Vow, King Of The Road, Spreading The News, This Blood, Under Control, Shakin´The Ground, Sanctified By Love, One More Try, Your Love & City Lights.

Musicians on the Shakin´The Grounds album: Ole Borud, Ruben Dalen, Per Erik Torfoss, Espen Mangen, Lars Erik Dahle, David Fjelde, Andre Berg, Markus Lillehaug Johnsen, Frode Mangen, Stein Austrud, Atle Hundsnes, Jens Petter Antonsen, Borge Are Halvorsen, Torbjorn Sunde & Hilde Stavnem Borud.


Master Music 2002

Tracks: Chi-rho, Dying Man, Pray To God, Thrown Away, Hold Me Jesus, There Is A Line, Let The Kingdom Come, Alice In Wonderland, Let It Go & Add Upp The Wonders.

Musicians on the Chi-rho album: Ole Borud, Thomas Borud, Stein Austrud and others.


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