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In his life he had 2 dreams. One to be a pilot and another to be a singer. Somehow both things became a reality for him. The swedish singer was born in 1965 and lives in the town Linkoping.

His main dream was to be a pilot and in the beginning of the 90´s he moved to US to take the education as a traffic pilot. After the education and with the fly cerfiticate in his hand he went back to Sweden to find a job. But at that time the airline business wasn´t good and therefore he couldn´t get a job.

At this time the music has just been a hobby, but then Magnus Backlund saw an add on the internet that an american band was looking for a new leadsinger. He sent them a demo and a week after he got a call from the band that told him that they were interested in getting him over to Philadelphia. After a while Magnus Backlund got the working permission and moved back to US. Now he was the leadsinger in “Random Thoughts” and with a new music career in front of him.

After a while playing and recording with “Randon Thoughts” he decided that it was time for him and his family to return to Sweden. Now he was father to the twins Linn and Moa and he couldn´t see himself as touring musician in US with his family based in Sweden.

In 2002 he heard about a new TV program called Fame Factory, a reality show were you could win a record deal with the label Mariann Grammofon. Magnus Backlund won the contest and then many possibilities were suddenly open. Beside being in Fame Factory he also had worked together with the guitarist Hal Marabel on a project called Arena, a pop project with influence from the west coast and AOR style.

Magnus Backlund decided to go for another option. The owner of Mariann Grammofon Bert Karlsson had the idea of duo were Magnus Backlund should sing together with another Fame Factory student Jessica Andersson. The duo became a reality and was called Fame. Together with Jessica Andersson he created one of the most successfully groups. They won the national music contest of the European Music Festival, sold lots of albums and had a huge success.

Beside Fame you could see that Magnus Backlund worked hard to establish himself as an artists and he did many solojobs at the same time he were working with Fame. Several years in a row he toured in the summer with a big setup together with many other artists that were grouped together by the songwriter Lasse Holm. Due to his visibility and also the fact that he has a tremendous voice, the time for breaking up with Fame and go for a solo career was near.

Magnus Backlund had a cd single out in 2003 with the song “Higher” but it was 2006 were he kick started his solo career. First by taken part of the Swedish Euro Festival with the song “The Name Of Love” that he took to the local finale. Now the album “Never Say Never” is releases with 11 strong pop songs with a touch of west coast and AOR due to the voice and music background of Magnus Backlund.

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Never Say Never

Warner Music 2006

Tracks: Perfect, Crash And Burn, She, Never Say Never, Say Your Goodbye, Sweet Catastrophy, It´s Not Ok, Changes, Taken By Surprice, Look At You Now & The Name Of Love.

Musicians on the Never Say Never album: Magnus Backlund, Micke Andersson, Figge Bostrom, Mattias Bylund, Marten M.K. Eriksson, Lina Eriksson, Anna Bylund, Martin Bylund, Anna Wirdefeldt, Irene Bylund, David Bukovinsky, Magnus Sjolander, Christer Jansson, Thomas Lindberg, Esbjorn Ohrwall, Emil Heiling, Marcus Englof, Tormod Tvetevik, Lasse Andersson, Pelle Jernryd, Johan Stentorp, Goran Mansson & Nana Hedin.