Jackson Browne is an American singer, songwriter, and musician who has sold over 18 million albums in the United States.

Coming to prominence in the 1970s, Browne has written and recorded songs such as “These Days”, “The Pretender”, “Running on Empty”, “Lawyers in Love”, “Doctor My Eyes”, “Take It Easy”, “For a Rocker”, and “Somebody’s Baby”.

In 2004, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, as well as bestowed an Honorary Doctorate of Music by Occidental College in Los Angeles, California.

Selected Discography

Lives In The Balance

Asylum Records 1986

Tracks: For America, Soldier Of Plenty, In The Shape Of The Heart, Candy, Lawless Avenues, Lives In The Balance, Till I Go Down & Black And White.

Musicians on the Lives In The Balance album: Jackson Browne, Kevin Dukes, Danny Kortchmar, Bernie Larsen, David Lindley, Steve Lukather, Kevin McCormick, Gary Myrick, Hugo Pedroza, Jorge Strunz, Rick Vito, Waddy Wachtel, Jorge Calderon, Phil Chen, Jennifer Condos, Bob Glaub, Craig Doerge, Bill Payne, Jai Winding, Jim Keltner, Russ Kunkel, Stan Lynch, Ian Wallace, Walfredo Reyes, Phil Kenzie, Quique Cruz, Debra Dobkin, Doug Haywood, Kevin McCormick, Bonnie Raitt & Mindy Sterling.

Lawyers In Love

Asylum Records 1983

Tracks: Lawyers In Love, On The Day, Cut It Away, Downtown, Tender Is The Night, Knock On Any Door & Say It Isn' True.

Musicians on the Lawyers In Love album: Jackson Browne, Bob Glaub, Danny Kortchmar, Rick Vito, Doug Haywood, Craig Doerge, Bill Payne & Russ Kunkel.

Hold Out

Asylum Records 1980

Tracks: Disco Apocalypse, Hold Out, That Girl Could Sing, Boulevard, Of Missing Persons, Call It A Loan & Hold On Hold Out.

Musicians on the Hold Out album: Jackson Browne, David Lindley, Bob Glaub, Craig Doerge, Bill Payne, Russ Kunkel, Rick Marotta, Danny Kortchmar, Joe Lala, Rosemary Butler & Doug Haywood.

Running On Empty

Asylum Records 1977

Tracks: Running On Empty, The Road, Rosie, You Love The Thunder, Cocaine, Shaky Town, Love Needs A Heart, Nothing But Time, The Load Out & Stay.

Musicians on the Running On Empty album: Jackson Browne, Danny Kortchmar, David Lindley, Lee Sklar, Craig Doerge, Russ Kunkel, Rosemary Butler & Doug Haywood.

The Pretender

Asylum Records 1976

Tracks: The Fuse, Your Bright Baby Blues, Linda Paloma, Here Come Those Tears Again, The Only Child, Daddy's Tune, Sleep's Dark And Silent Gate & The Pretender.

Musicians on the Pretender album: Jackson Browne, Luis F. Diaman, Lowell George, John Hall, Albert Lee, David Lindley, Fred Tackett, Bob Glaub, Chuck Rainey, Lee Sklar, Roy Bittan, Craig Doerge, Bill Payne, Mike Utley, Jim Gordon, Russ Kunkel, Jeff Porcaro, Gary Coleman, Quitman Dennit, Chuck Findley, Arthur Gerst, Roberto Gutierrez, Jim Horn, Dick Hyde, David Lindley, Rosemary Butler, David Crosby, Arthur Gerst, Roberto Gutierrez, Don Henley, Graham Nash, Bonnie Raitt & John David Souther.