Deborah Anne “Debby” Boone (born September 22, 1956), is an American singer, author, and actress.

She is best known for her 1977 hit, “You Light Up My Life”, which spent ten weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and led to her winning the Grammy Award for Best New Artist the following year.

Boone later focused her music career on country music resulting in the 1980 No. 1 country hit “Are You on the Road to Lovin’ Me Again”.

In the 1980s, she recorded Christian music which garnered her four top 10 Contemporary Christian albums as well as two more Grammys.

Throughout her career, Boone has appeared in several musical theater productions and has co-authored many children’s books with husband, Gabriel Ferrer.

Selected Discography

Choose Life

Lamb & Lion Records 1985

Tracks: The Time Is Now, Pressure Points, Teach Me How To Love, When I Accepted You, Delight In Him, Choose Life, The Heart Of The Matter, Right For You, Song Of Deliverance & The Lord Is So Good.

Musicians on the Choose Life album: Debby Boone, Michael Landau, Joe Chemay, Nathan East, Abraham Laboriel, Marty Goetz, Michael Omartian, Eric Persing, Paul Leim, Gary Herbig, Dara Bernard, Marv Bernard, Khaliq Glover & Terry Williams.


Lamb & Lion Records 1983

Tracks: O Come All Ye Faithful, Keep The Flame Burning, Can You Reach My Friend, Lift Him Up, Wounded Soldier, Surrender, Keep Rollin' On, Find A Hurt and Heal It, O Holy One & Blessing.

Musicians on the Surrender album: Debby Boone, Dann Huff, Dean Parks, Fred Tackett, Nathan East, Lee Sklar, Robbie Buchanan, Shane Keister, Dony McGuire, Jim Keltner, Rick Shlosser, Debbie Bannister, Lenny Castro, Victor Feldman, Richard Green, John Houghton, Farrell Morris, Phil Driscoll, Marty Ford Orchestra, Alan Moore, Laury Browning, Robbie Buchanan, Bill Champlin, Tamara Champlin, Gary Chapman, Diana DeWitt Hanna, Debbie Hall, Sandy Hall, Dony McGuire, Reba Rambo & Carmen Twillie.

With My Song...

Lamb & Lion Records 1980

Tracks: Sweet Adoration, If Ever, With Every Breath, With My Song, I Am A Stone, Lord I Believe, Morningstar, A New Song, The Twenty-Third Psalm, Holy Father, Sixty Second Sonata & What Can I Do For You.

Musicians on the With My Song... album: Debby Boone, Pete Bordanelli, Billy Capps, Johnny Christopher, Steve Kara, Tim May, Don Roth, Billy Walker, Abraham Laboriel, Lee Sklar, John Hobbs, Shane Keister, Larry Muhoberac, Paul Leim, Farrell Morris, Billy Puet, Dennis Solee, Dennis Good, Ricky Ricks, Eberhardt Roman, Don Sheffield, Bob Taylor, George Tidwell, Ron Huff, Lolita Afifi, Mark Baldwin, Leah Jane Beranette, Steve Brantley, Thomas Cain, Lindy Corbin, Bruce Dees, Diana DeWitt Hanna, Teresa Ellis, Janie Fricke, Jim Gheen, Marty Goetz, Teresa Jones, Bob Kauflin, Marti McCall, Donna McElroy, Don Nalle, Ed Nalle & Gary Pigg.

Love Have No Reason

Warner Bros 1980

Tracks: Are You On The Road To Lovin' Me Again, I Wish That I Could Hurt That Way Again, Just When I Needed A Love Song, Even A Fool Would Let Go, Free To Be Lonely Again, I'd Even Let You Go, Love Put A Song In My Heart, When It's Just You And Me, If It's So Easy & Take It Like A Woman.

Musicians on the Love Have No Reason album: Debby Boone, Jimmy Capps, Ray Edington, Bob Moore, Billy Sanford, Tommy Cogbill, David Briggs, Jerry Carrigan, Buzz Cason, Wendy Suits, Diane Tidwell & Dennis Wilson.

Savin´It Up

Warner Bros 1980

Tracks: It'll Be Him, Isn't That Just Like Love, Every Day I Have To Cry, Only Wounded, Perfect Fool, Savin' It Up, Tonight, Too Many Rivers, Never Say Never & When You Love Me.

Musicians on the Savin´It Up album: Debby Boone, Billy Sanford, Bob Moore, Leon Rhodes, Larry Butler, Pig Robbins, Jerry Carrigan, Buzz Carson, Wendy Suits, Diane Tidwell & Bergen White.

Debby Boone

Warner Bros 1979

Tracks: Girl Don't Come, Jamie, The Worst That Could Happen, With All Of My Love, Theme From The Universal Picture "The Promise" (I'll Never Say "Goodbye"), Choosey Beggar, Breakin' In A Brand New Broken Heart, Meet Me On The Dance Floor, My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own, You Took My Heart By Surprise & I'd Rather Be Alone.

Musicians on the Debby Boone album: Debby Boone, Paul Jackson Jr., Scott Edwards, David Foster, Jay Gruska, Ed Greene, Kim Hutchcroft, Larry Williams, Jerry Hey, Jay Gruska, Michele Gruska & Sarah Taylor.


Warner Bros 1978

Tracks: God News, What Becomes Of My World, Another Goodbye, Don't You Love Me Anymore, Oh No Not My Baby, I'd Rather Leave While I'm In Love, When You're Loved, California, When It's Over, Come Share My Love, It Was Such A Good Day & If Ever I See You Again.

Musicians on the Midstream album: Debby Boone and others.

You Light Up My Life

Warner Bros 1977

Tracks: You Light Up My Life, A Rock & Roll Song, Micol's Theme, It's Just A Matter Of Time, Hey Everybody, When I Look At You, From Me To You, Baby I'm Yours, When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes, The End Of The World, Your Love Broke Through & Hasta Manana.

Musicians on the You Light Up My Life album: Debby Boone and others.