West coast from Elsinore…

In 1992 the duo Busborg released their only album. Busborg is a duo with Peter Busborg (vocal) and Stig Skovlind (keyboards). The producer Henrik Lund from Easy Sound did also have a lot of influence to the album. Busborg became a big radiohit and especially the cover version of Bob Dylan’s “Mighty Quinn” can still be heard on radiostations all over today.

After that Busborg focused on writing songs to other artists and he has been doing vocal jobs on more than 100 releases and also recorded with the group “4 Like Us”.

16 years after the debut album Peter Busborg is on his own with the album “1:1”, a album with smooth pop songs with a touch of the west coast style that Busborg featuring Lars Krarup, Helge Solberg, Henrik Askou, Dan Hemmer and a duet with Marie Carmen Koppel.

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Fluffy Music 2008

Tracks: Væk Mig Med Kærlighed, Lidt Screwed, Intet I Verden, Beslag På Mit Hjerte, Kan Du La´Det Gå, Kørt Over, Blind, Så Er Livet Godt, Noget Der Ikke Stemmer, Tag Og Gem Lidt, Baby Giv Mig Lov, Over Stok Og Sten & Det Lover Jeg Dig.

Musicians on the 1:1 album: Peter Busborg, Lars Krarup, Dan Hemmer, Helge Solberg, Henrik Askou, Marie Carmen Koppel, Rune Harder Olesen, Thomas Edinger, Ketil Duckert, Jørgen Thorup, Lei Moe, Kenny Lübcke & Arvid Nielsen.


Sony Music 1992

Tracks: Give Me Your Love, Rather Be Blind, Going On And On, Just Like A Woman, Alone Tomorrow, Never Walk Alone, I Need You, One Day I Go Easy, Mighty Quinn & Soldiers & Lovers.

Musicians on the Busborg album: Peter Busborg, Stig Skovlind, Aske Jacoby, Jens Fredslund, Bo Bistrup, S.P & Niels Erik Lund.