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Bryndle was an authentic musical legend long before the group’s first album was released in the Summer of 1995. Bryndle was a group of four friends: Karla Bonoff, Andrew Gold, Wendy Waldman and Kenny Edwards. The group’s story is an amazing one. Bryndle first formed in the late 1960s in Los Angeles when such artists as Jackson Browne, The Eagles, Joni Mitchell, Linda Ronstadt and others were just beginning to emerge.

In 1970, they recorded what should have been their debut album for A&M Records with newcomer producer Chuck Plotkin. While it went through many revisions before being submitted to the record company, it was never released. Only a single, “Woke Up This Morning,” written by Karla Bonoff and produced by Lou Adler, was ever released from those sessions and it became a regional hit in Northern California before disappearing. Frustrated with this disappointing first attempt in the record business, Bryndle soon disbanded.

Karla Bonoff became a solo artist and a much sought-after songwriter following those early Bryndle days. She scored a series of pop hits and gold albums, beginning in the early ’80s with “Personally” and, more recently, with “Standing Right Next To Me”. All three of her Columbia albums are still in print and her fourth album has been re-released on CD. Her songs have been recorded by Linda Ronstadt (“Someone To Lay Down Beside Me”, “Lose Again”), Bonnie Raitt (“Home”), Wynonna (“Tell Me Why”), Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville (“All My Life”) and Lynn Anderson (“Isn’t It Always Love”).

Kenny Edwards had been a founding member of the Stone Poneys with Linda Ronstadt. After Bryndle, he returned to work with her on her groundbreaking album, Heart Like A Wheel. He subsequently spent many years with her as a sideman, singer, arranger and touring band member. Edwards also became a noted producer and was responsible for masterminding Karla Bonoff’s hit albums. He has worked with such other acts as Stevie Nicks, J.D. Souther and Don Henley. On the 1995 Bryndle CD, Edwards made his long-overdue debut as a lead singer and recording artist. On the second Bryndle recording, Kenny is the co-producer of the album along with Wendy Waldman.

Wendy Waldman went from Bryndle to a career as a solo artist and respected songwriter and producer. She has made seven critically acclaimed albums and toured extensively as well. In 1996, a “best of” collection was released on Warner Brothers. More than 70 other artists have recorded her songs in fields as diverse as pop, r&b, jazz, country, Latin and cowboy music. Among her biggest records are “Save The Best For Last” and “The Sweetest Days” by Vanessa Williams; “Fishin’ In The Dark” by the Dirt Band; “Baby What About You” by Crystal Gayle; “I Owe You One” by Aaron Neville; and “Heartbeat” by Don Johnson. Waldman became the first woman to produce country music extensively and was responsible for Susy Bogguss’ award-winning debut album, as well as albums for the Forester Sisters, Jonathan Edwards, Matraca Berg and the Ozark Mountain Daredevils. In addition to her writing for others, Wendy has other projects in action. She’s been working on a solo album and has been playing live with Kenny Edwards in a project known as “Bad Haggard.”

Andrew Gold went from Bryndle to a high-profile career as a singer, songwriter, musician and producer. He joined Ronstadt’s band, where his musical and arranging contributions to her hits during the ’70s became legendary. He was an integral part of the band’s 1995 album as much of it was recorded at his own recording studio.

In 1991, the members of Bryndle began planning their second coming. In August of 1995, Bryndle’s debut album was released. That December, a promotional-only single, “Corn, Water, and Wood” was released to radio stations. In 1995 and ’96 the group played all over America as well a tour of Japan.

Just before a major Summer tour in July 1996, an announcement was made that Andrew Gold was leaving the band which coincided with his relocation to the East Coast. Fronted by Karla, Wendy and Kenny and backed by Matt Cartsonis on bass and Scott Babcock on drums, Bryndle decided to carry on. They touring thorough the summer of 1997.

All the members of the band continued outside projects. Karla’s album “New World” was re-released in 1996 and she spent a month touring Japan backed by Kenny Edwards. In 1999, her “best of” collection, “All My Life” was released on CBS/Sony. Wendy’s “Best Of” album was also released that year and for the first time in many years, she performed solo dates in the Southern California area.

In mid-2001, the members of Bryndle began a concentrated effort to record and release their second album before the end of the year. Sessions for this had begun in 1997 but for a variety of reasons, the project remained unfinished. The target was the holiday season of 2001, but “House of Silence” actually began shipping from the Bryndle store on January 3rd, 2002. Andrew Gold, who had recently moved back to the West Coast, contributed to the project in the last months before completion. The CD is sold in an autographed edition exclusively through the Bryndle Store. It’s also been released in Japan.

In the summer of 2002, Kenny Edwards released a solo album. After many years of producing and playing with others, he turned control of this first solo album to someone else. In addition to accompanying Karla on tour, Kenny often plays an opening set at her shows with songs from this collection. He’s also begun playing solo shows in the Southern California area and hopes to expand that touring area in the future.

Sometime in 2003, fans can expect a new Wendy Waldman CD, her first solo release in 15 years. The date has slipped a few times but it looks like it will be released in the middle of 2003. She’s also become a clinician for Taylor Guitars and will be making appearances and giving performances in music stores around the country. In the first few months of 2003, she’s had two short tours on the east coast and in Colorado. After the release of her album, she hopes to play other dates as well.

Karla continues touring and her live appearance schedule is always updated on her appearances page on her own site, Andrew runs his own website and he continues to release solo projects He was recently involved in a Byrds tribute band called Byrds of a Feather.

Wendy Waldman and Kenny Edwards’ other project, “Bad Haggard”, will begin recording sometime this summer. They’ve written as many as a dozen songs for this project and they’ve been waiting for the time to get in the studio together.

As 2003 progresses, it seems that the group known as Bryndle is being put on hold as the group members pursue solo projects, at least for the time being. There is no formal announcement but there are no Bryndle projects or appearances currently planned. The one exception to that is the possibility of a live CD from the November 2002 House Concerts. These people have known each other since the ’60s and it won’t be a surprise to see them record and play together again – when the time is right.

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Live at Ross & Julie´s

Bryndle 2002

Tracks: Bitter Wheel, All The Way Gone, Concrete River, Night Full Of Rain, Every Stone, Home, Lucky One, Compass, Misery and Happiness, As Long As It's Real, Under The Rainbow, Save The Best For Last, This Time Around, The Way I Love You & Tell Me Why.

Musicians on the Live at Ross & Julie´s album: Karla Bonoff, Andrew Gold, Wendy Waldman, Kenny Edwards and others.

House Of Silence

Bryndle 2002

Tracks: Every Stone, Bitter Wheel, All The Way Gone, This Time Around, As Long As It's Real, Crawl Into The Light, Like A Compass, Concrete River, All I Need To Know, Night Full Of Rain, Heart Of Fire, One Heartbeat Away & Forever Ride.

Musicians on the House Of Silence album: Karla Bonoff, Andrew Gold, Wendy Waldman, Kenny Edwards and others.


Music Master 1995

Tracks are: Take Me In, I Want To Touch You, Under The Rainbow, Savannah, The Lucky One, We Walk This Road, On The Wind, Streets Of Your Town, Til The Storm Goes By, Mulberry Street, The Wheel, River Of Stone, Daddy's Little Girl & Just Can't Walk Away.

Musicians on the Bryndle album: Karla Bonoff, Andrew Gold, Wendy Waldman, Kenny Edwards and others.