Norwegian pop with west coast touch…

The duo was formed in 1983. Both Hanne Krogh and Elisabeth Andreassen were frequent Eurovision contestants. Krogh has appeared three times, all for Norway – in 1971 as a soloist, with Bobbysocks! in 1985 and as part of Just 4 Fun in 1991. Andreassen sang for Sweden as one half of Chips in 1982 and after winning with Bobbysocks, teamed up with Jan Werner Danielsen in 1994 and sang solo in 1996. According to John Kennedy O’Connor’s The Eurovision Song Contest – The Official History Andreassen is one of only four lead artists to sing in the contest on four occasions and is also one of only four artists to finish both first and second in Eurovision (1985 & 1996).

The single “Let it swing” was released on the RCA label in most countries outside Scandinavia. It entered the UK singles charts on 25 May 1985, and rose to a high of number 44; it remained in the charts for 4 weeks.

Bobbysocks! was disbanded in 1988, however, Krogh and Andreassen still appear on stage together. They made a guest appearance at Congratulations, the 50th anniversary Eurovision concert in Copenhagen, Denmark in October 2005.

In May 2010, Bobbysocks! released their compilation album “Let It Swing – Best Of Bobbysocks.


Let It Swing - The Best Of Bobbysocks

Universal Music 2010

Tracks: La det swinge, Thank You, Don´t Bring Lulu, Radio, Waiting For The Morning, Boogie Woogie Mama, Midnight Rocks, The Booglie-Wooglie Piggy, Johnny And The Dancing Girls, Little By Little, Walkin´ On Air, Cross Over The Bridge, I Don´t Wanna Break My Heart, Working Heart, Shoo-Shoo-Baby, Count Me Down, If I Fall, Daddy´s Comin´ Home, I Believe In Love, More Than I Can Say, Swing It Magister´n & Let It Swing.

Musicians on Let It Swing - The Best of Bobbysocks album: Hanne Krogh, Elisabeth Andreassen and others.

Walkin´On Air

Sonet Records 1987

Tracks: I Believe In Love, More Than I Can Say, If I Fall, I Don´t Speak The Language, Walkin´ On Air, Daddy´s Comin´ Home, Don´t Leave Me Here, I´ve Got Your Heart, Only In Your Dreams, When I See Your Eyes & Love Me Tonight.

Musicians on Walkin On Air album: Hanne Krogh, Elisabeth Andreassen, Lou Pardini, Bill Maxwell, Harlan Rogers, Scott V. Smith, Marty Walsh, Brandon Fields, Abraham Laboriel, Dean Parks, Hadley Hockensmith and others.

Waiting For The Morning

Sonet Records 1986

Tracks: Johnny And The Dancing Girls, Mr. Moon, Heroes Never Die, Is It Me Tonight, Slow Emotion, Count Me Down, Night After Night, Waiting For The Morning, Where Did Our Love Go, basic Love, Hot In The City & Working Heart.

Musicians on Waiting For The Morning album: Hanne Krogh, Elisabeth Andreassen, Frank Ådahl, Caj Högberg, Håkon Iversen, Sollentuna Gospel, Anders Stengård, Olle Holmqvist, Tommy Knutsen, Ivar Olsen, Urban Agnas, Leif Lindvall, Erik Häusler, Johan Stengård, Leffe Larson, Svante Persson, Peter Ljung, Kjell Öhman, Svein Dag Hauge, John David, Lasse Wellander, Per Lindvall, Rutger Gunnarson, Åke Sundqvist & Bill Öhrström.