• West Coast Music

    As the name indicates West Coast Music has its origin on the American West Coast. The music emphasizes melody, harmonies and arrangements, and the vocal and instrumental performances are always with great skill and of high quality. The music is often performed by pop/rock artists from the American West Coast, but is in no way limited to any geografical area.


Swedish AOR band…

AOR and West Coast music is extremely popular in Sweden. Blind Alley is one of the finest AOR bands with 2 album releases out.


Destination Destiny

Perris Records 2007

Tracks: Voices, Another Day, Until I See, Silhouette, Fire and Ice, Talk of the Town, Take Me Up, Won’t Touch Ground, The One To Never Know, I Cannot Fight, Stone Cold Eyes & Victory.

Musicians on the Destination Destiny album: Magnus Olsson, Hans Dimberg & Pierre Glans.

Infinity Ends

AOR Heaven 2004

Tracks: All Figured Out, We Still Belong, One Life, S.O.S., Shadow From My Heart, Here Comes The Heartache, From Now On, Hunter, Stay The Night, Payback Time, Wild Rose, Internal Affairs (Bonus Track) & In Your Hand (Bonus Track).

Musicians on the Infinity Ends album: Magnus Olsson, Hans Dimberg & Pierre Glans.


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