Hit the Big Street…

Big Street m.p. released their first record “acoustic kindergarten” in february 2007 and their new record “The tree of life” in October 2008, and have thus far recieved a lot of excellent feedback for the songs, Stay and Mercy remix (radio edit) from several radio stations in the U.K, Australia, California, The Netherlands and Japan just to mention a few.

The style is a mix of acoustic pop, smooth jazz, westcoast music and soul. If you like those styles you will hear their influences. But their debut cd also shows that they have developed their own uniquely recognisable style with blending musicianship.

Most of the musicians have studied at the University of Music in Gothenburg and been working as part time freelancers.


The Tree Of Life

Ezra Infotainment 2008

Tracks: Let Love Rule, Invisible Protection, Father´s Son, All Right, Shoot Me Down, Anyway, I Need You, Without True Love, Humble Me, Stay & Mercy Remix (Radio Edit).

Musicians on the Tree of Life album: Johan Brengesjö, Joel Hagen, Magnus Sjölander, Tobias Hedlund, Viktor Olofsson, Kristian Selan, Martin Sundström & Isak Widmark.

Acoustic Kindergarten

Ezra Infotainment 2006

Tracks: Blind, It´s Time, Mercy, Thank You, Help Me, Miracle, Goodbye?, Freedom, JB-lake Trumpet, Stay & Mercy Remix (Radio Edit).

Musicians on the Acostic Kindergarten album: Joel Hagen, Tobias Hedlund, Viktor Olofsson, Henrik Brengesjo, Johan Brengesjo, Isak Widmark, Johan Thelin, Kristian Selan, Henrik Oscarsson, Martin Sundstrom, Jonathan Gustafsson, Fredrik Lyden, Mackey and others.