Beyond Imagination is a Swedish rock band whose music has its roots in the 70s and 80s American West Coast rock.

Influences like Toto, Jay Graydon, Chicago and Al Jarreau has left its traces in their music sound.

In 2014 the band released the EP Change The Way and since then they have made ​​several live shows. The music is mostly written by drummer Emanuel Nyman and his best friend Isaac Serholt and saxophone player of the band Andreas Baro also contributed to the repertoire.

The EP release is the result of a long friendship and a musical term cooperation between Emanuel Nyman and Isaac Serholt. Emanuel and Isaac first met in the late summer of 2004 and right away they found a like-minded voice in composing.

Beyond Imagination delivers music with a heavy groove and gives you choruses that are definitely worthy a listening.


Change The Way

Emanuel Nyman 2014

Tracks: Traces Of Laughter, Say Is This Love & Change The Way.

Musicians on the Change The Way EP: Emanuel Nyman, Isabelle Juhiln, Kim Nkoubou, Tim Carlstedt, Jimmy Garting, Stina Andersdotter, Joel Nyman, Linus Eckerborn, Emil Nerstrand, Marie-Christine Marcos, Patrick Norman, Herman Danielsson, Anna Edstrom, Henrik Zerpe, Andrea Hatanmaa & Linda Bergstrom.


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