The German west coast label …

Between 1994 and 1996 the german recordlabel Beverly Records released 17 albums.

They made a huge difference in promotion the west coast music in the years they were in business, and brought west coast music and artists back to front at the European market.

Unfortunally they only last two years.


Ali Thomson - A Collection Of Song (CD17)

Beverly Records 1996

Tracks: Take A Little Rhythm (Rhythm ´96), Faith And Destiny, Cover Up, The Sucker Punch, Take A Little Rhythm, Live Every Minute, African Queen, Jamie, Hollywood Role, A Goodnight Song, Shell Lay Scattered, Safe And Warm, Foolish Child, Secrets Hide Inside & Someone In Motions.

Musicians on the A Collection Of Songs album: Ali Thompson, Paul Beavis, Ashley Reeks, Jim Williams, Peter Fordeno, Andy Caine, Richard Bailey, Jeff Phillips, Ted McKenna, Durban Laverde, Gerry McAvoy, Philip Wright, Alan Murphy, Williams C. Lyall, James Lacelles, Pete Filleul, Dave Rose, Julian Diggle, Charlie Spiteri, Dave Roach, Debi Doss, Carol Kenyon, Sylvia Mason, Sonja Jone, John Helliwell, Ed Goodman & Ray Cooper.

Randy Goodrum - Songbook (CD16)

Beverly Records 1996

Tracks: I'll be Over You, 20-20, Love Lies, Who's Holding Donna Now, Bluer Than Blue, Savin' It Up, Flying, "Flight 136", I Took A Chance, Heather's Money, Killing Time, You Need Me & Caretakers Of Dreams.

Musicians on the Songbook album: Randy Goodrum, Jeff Porcaro, Jay Graydon, Steve Lukather, Mark Landau, Paul Yandell, Bob Mann, Jimmy Johnson, Neil Stubenhaus & Brandon Fields.

This Is West Coast Pop - Sampler Vol. 2 (CD15)

Beverly Records 1996

Tracks: He Started To Sing (Bill Champlin), All The Year (Robert Lamm), Hostage Of Love (Rick Rhodes), Close My Eyes (King Of Hearts), Nobody Knows (Olivier Constantin), Take A Little Rhythm ´96 (Ali Thomson), I´ll Be Over You (Randy Goodrum), I Don´t Want To Say Goodnight (jay Graydon), Treadin´Waters (Marty Balin), Blue Valley (Thomas Bing) & After The Love Has Gone (King Of Hearts).

Musicians on the This Is West Coast Pop Volume 2 album: Bill Champlin, Robert Lamm, Rick Rhodes, Tommy Funderburk, Bruce Gaitsch, Olivier Constantin, Ali Thomson, Randy Goodrum, Jay Graydon, Marty Balin, Thomas Blug and others.

Oliver Constantin - Personal (CD14)

Beverly Records 1995

Tracks: Never Be Mine, Remember Me, Shinning, In A Middle Of A Day, Shades Of You, Nobody Knows, Don't Slow Down, Serenade, Mona Lisa & Song For Chloe.

Musicians on the Personal album: Oliver Constantin, Thierry Durbet, Arnaud Aubaille, Kamil Rustam, Frank Pilan, Jean-Marc Alexandre, Yves Sanna, Dominique Grimaldi, Mario Santangeli, Mimi Felixine, Laurence Cartier, Virginie Constantin & Natacha Gerardin.

Marty Balin - Wish I Were (CD13)

Beverly Records 1995

Tracks: Wish I Were, Treadin´Waters, Valerie, Camellia, What About Love, What´s New In Your World, Mercy Of The Moon, Let´s Go, Green Light, Let It Live, Even Though, Always Tomorrow, See The Light & Summer Of Love.

Musicians on the Wish I Were album: Martin Balin, Jaren Deal, Kerry Kearney & Ed Michaels.

Bill Champlin - He Started To Sing (CD12)

Beverly Records 1995

Tracks: He Started To Sing, Love Is Gonna Find You, It´s About Time, Party Time In D.C., Love Comes And Goes, Sex Thang, Southern Seranade, One Love At A Time, God Sent Angels & Someone Else.

Musicians on the He Started To Sing album: Bill Champlin, Janey Clewer, Bruce Gaitsch, Abraham Laboriel, Billy Ward, Greg Mathieson, Jerry Lopez, George Hawkins, Gary Grant, Steve Madaio, Tom Saviano, David Boruff, Brandon Fields, Tamara Champlin, Carmen Grillo, Tracy Gable, Jason Scheff & Mario Cippolina.

Rick Rhodes - Indian Summer (CD11)

Beverly Records 1995

Tracks: Unconditional Love, Deep In The Night, Hold Me, I On U, Eurotica, Hotstage Of Love, Indian Summer, Here Comes Another Fool, King Of Hearts, Touch Of Heaven.

Musicians on the Indian Summer album: Rick Rhodes, Chieli Minucci , Steve Skinner, Don Grusin, Bill Champlin, Tamara Champlin, Brian Bromberg, Bob Sheppard, Michael Brecker, Boney James, Jay Beckenstein, Tom Scott, Richard Elliot, Tony Guerrero, Ron King, Bill Armstrong, Nick Lane, Steve Reid, Tiffany & Lynn Scott.

Robert Lamm - Life Is Good In My Neighborhood (CD10)

Beverly Records 1994

Tracks: My Neighborhood (version A), When The Rain Becomes, All The Years, Murder On Me, Jesse, Ain't No Ordinary Thing, Tabla, In This Country, When Will The World Be Like Lovers & My Neighborhood (version B).

Musicians on the Life Is Good In My Neighborhood album: Robert Lamm, John McCurry, Dwayne Bailey, Michael Landau, John Van Eps, Randy Goodrum, Bootsey Collins, Bill Gable, Damaris Carbaugh, Jill Dell'abate, Eddie Ganz, Gordon Grody, Ray Hernandez, Karen Kamon, Deborah Resto, Gerard McMahon, Curtis King Jr., Frankie Vinci, Jerry Goodrum & Carol Steele.

Robbie Dupree - Carried Away (CD09)

Beverly Records 1994

Tracks: This Is Life, Talk To You, Shadows On The Wall, In Real Life, Emotion, Carried Away, Tears & Why.

Musicians on the Carried Away album: Robbie Dupree, David Sancious, Tony Levin, Jerry Marotta, John Tropea, Leslie Smith, Ann Lang, Vinnie Martucci, Harvey Jones, Jeremy Alsop, Gary Burke, Andrew Essex, Paul Brannon, Larry Hoppen, Harvey Sorgen, Peter Bunetta, Bob Leinbach, Tom Nicholson, Ann Lang, Karen Mantler & Peter Martin.

King Of Hearts - King Of Hearts (CD08)

Beverly Records 1994

Tracks: Land of Dreams, Lovin' Arms, Working Man, Don't Call My Name, I Want You, The Night The Angels Cried, My Desire, Love Will Return, Close My Eyes, King Of Hearts & Forever.

Musicians on the King of Hearts album: Bruce Gaitsch, Tommy Funderburk, Kelly Keagy, CJ Vanston, George Hawkins, Timothy B Schmit, Randy Meisner & Bill Champlin.

Bill Champlin - Through It All (CD07)

Beverly Records 1994

Tracks: I Must Have Been A Foul, Turn Your Love Around, Just To Be Loved, Proud Of Our Blindness, Come On In, Sound Of The Rain, Through It All, In The Heat Of The Night, Little Sister & Light Up The Candles.

Musicians on the Through It All album: Bill Champlin, Dennis Matkosky, Tom Saviano, Greg Mathieson, Bruce Gaitsch, Tamara Champlin, Gardner Cole, Abraham Laboriel, Kiki Ebsen, Mike Murphy, Danny Pelfrey, Dave Koz, Lee Thornberg & Rick Baptiste.

Jay Graydon featuring Planet 3 - Music For The Planet (CD06)

Beverly Records 1994

Tracks: Born To Love, From The Beginning, Insincere, Criminal, I Don't Want To Say Goodnight, Welcome To Love, The Day The Earth Stood Still, Only Your Eyes, Modern Girl & Ever After Love.

Musicians on the Music From The Planet album: Jay Graydon, Clif Magness, Glen Ballard, Machun, John Robinson & Valerie Moebel.

The Return Of West Coast Pop - Sampler Vol. 1 (CD05)

Beverly Records 1994

Tracks: Land Of Dreams (King Of Hearts), Insincire (Jay Graydon feat. Planet 3), When Loves Come Around (Bill Champlin), Robbie Dupree - Walk On Water (Robbie Dupree), After The Love Is Gone (Jay Graydon), I Know Love (Bill Champlin), Roxanne (Jay Graydon), Talk To You (Robbie Dupree), Now You See It (Rick Rhodes), Turn Your Love Around (Bill Champlin) &  My Desire (King Of Hearts).

Musicians on the The Return Of West Coast Pop Volume 1 album: Bruce Gaitsch, Tommy Funderburk, Jay Graydon, Cliff Magness, Glen Ballard, Bill Champlin, Robbie Dupree, Jay Graydon, Warren Wiebe, Rick Rhodes and others.

Rick Rhodes - Now You See It (CD04)

Beverly Records 1994

Tracks: Now You See It, Rumors, Let´s Be Lovers Again, Promise In The Dark, Lies, Guardian Angel, People Like Us, Tropical Postcard, Don´t Throw It All Away & The First Move.

Musicians on the Now You See It album: Rick Rhodes, Briam Bromberg, Phil Perry, Chieli Minucci, Steve Skinner, Don Grusin, Steve Reid, Lynn Scott, Richard Elliot & Dave Koz.

Robbie Dupree - Walking On Water (CD03)

Beverly Records 1994

Tracks: Walking On Water, Goodbye To L.A., Money, Return To Her, Learn To Cry, If We Try Again, Walls Come Down, Right Direction & Evil Eye.

Musicians on the Walking On Water album: Robbie Dupree, Carl Adai, Harvey Jones, John Robinson, Nile Rodgers, Chris Lane, Arno Lucas, Larry Hoppen, Jim Weider, Don Harris, Bill Harris, John Fumasoli, Elaine Caswell, Debbie Lan, Tony Levin, John Hall, Andrew Essex, Bob Leinbach, David Sancious & Jerry Marotta.

Bill Champlin - Burn Down The Night (CD02)

Beverly Records 1994

Tracks: In Love To Long, 1st And Last, Fly By The Light, Highest Stakes, The Tunder, For Less Than A Song, Headed For The Top, When Loves Come Around, Still Worth Saving & Same Old Song.

Musicians on the Burn Down The Night album: Bill Champlin, Greg Mathieson, Tris Imboden, George Hawkins, Bruce Gaitsch, Steve Lukather, Casey Young, Luis Conte, Danny Pelfrey, Bill Churchville, Tamara Champlin, Carmen Twillie, Mona Lisa Young, Abraham Laboriel, Terry Haggerty, Tom Scott, Joseph Williams & Dennis Matkosky.

Jay Graydon - Airplay For The Planet (CD01)

Beverly Records 1994

Tracks: Walk The Wire, She Just Can't Make Up Her Mind, History, After The Love Is Gone, Holdin' On To Love, One Way Or Another, Roxann, Show Me The Magic, You're Not Alone & When You Look In My Eyes.

Musicians on the Airplay For The Planet album: Musicians on the Airplay For The Planet The Album album: Jay Graydon, Joseph Williams, Bill Champlin, Sherwood Ball , Warren Wiebe, Bill Cantos, David Foster, Bruce Gaitsch, Janey Clewer, Abe Laboriel, John Von Tongeren, Mark Portmann, Kenji Sano, Jerry Hey, Jay Oliver, Jon Gilutin & Brett Raymond.