Barefoot Poetry is based on life with its ups and downs, mature and immature behaviors, lost love as well as the moments of pure love, luck and happiness.

Barefoot Poetry is all about a catching mix of pop, soul and rock with elements of real sounds and atmosphere.

Lead vocalist Michael Zinius Jørvang was on the lookout for a new co-composer and sparring partner in late 1992 after the Danish pop band KuDaSai had stopped all activities and split up after 6 years.

Michael, involved as the lead vocalist and co- composer of the KuDaSai album, (released in 1991 on Medley Records) was indeed very lucky to meet with Gino and Joe Vannelli, because they presented the chance for Michael to work with, and draw experience from artists like Mike Miller, Mark Craney, Phil Manzanera, and Gary Usher, who wrote songs with Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys.

Back then in 1992, Michael was living off the grid in the countryside in Denmark, where he had built a home studio and together with percussionist Denis Wahlgreen, they began the work on what later became Barefoot Poetry. Through a common friend, Michael met up with Nils Kaufmanas for the first time. Michael, Nils and Denis starts redirecting and recomposing Barefoot Poetry in December 1993 in a little flat in Copenhagen.

“…and luck struck me once again meeting up with Nils”, Michael says; “Nils, being a fantastic piano player, a composer and a bandleader known from the jazz-fusion band Countdown, has this tremendous capability to take a chord and dismantle it into pieces, but not only that, Nils plays the drums and has this “feel” for groove, melody and basslines”.

This was just the guy Michael needed, with his experimental attitude and musical understanding. Nils is a real groove master to help Michael tell his stories.

This debut album is all about this. Michael telling his stories and Nils placing the right chops for them together with talented musicians and singers giving their best.

The band includes 8 musicians: Michael Zinius (Lead vocal), Nils Kaufmanas (keyboards), Denis Wahlgreen (Percussion), Thomas Hesthaven Poulsen (Guitar), Tom Jensen (Drums), Morten Ankarfeldt (Bass), Lea Thorlann (Backing Vocal) & Maria Kyhne Frandsen (Backing Vocal).

The BAREFOOT POETRY debut album was released on SpacerAmp Records 6/9 – 2018.

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Barefoot Poetry

SpacerAmp Records 2018

Tracks: Burning In The Moment, Deep In Your Dogma, Living On A Lie, God Is A Morning, The Night Rhythm Of Love, Spiritual Man, The Mighty Train, Funky Driver, Babyblue, The Torrid Zone, Give Love A Room, Inside Your Temples, Run To The Moon, Corridors Of A Sick Man´s Mind, Deep Inside Your Heart & So Many Ways.

Musicians on the Barefoot Poetry album: Michael Zinius, Nils Kaufmanas, Denis Wahlgreen, Thomas Hesthaven Poulsen, Tom Jensen, Morten Ankarfeldt, Lea Thorlann, Maria Kyhne Frandsen and others.