Singer and composer, Renee Armand has worked with big names in the music industry such as John Denver, Michael Jackson, Linda Ronstadt, Little Feat, Ringo Starr and many others.

She was discovered by Tony Bennett in a bar in San Francisco, and soon after that the career kick of with the first solo album in 1972.

That same year Renee Armand sings “The Morning After” on the soundtrack of the film “The Poseidon Adventure”, winning the Oscar for best original song.

After the solo debut album Renee Armand continues for several years as backing vocalist and composer and in 1978 the follow up album “In Time” was released.

“In Time”, consists almost entirely of songs written with Kerry Chater, the album includes the song “Love on a shoestring” which is the title track of the second album of Kerry Chater.

In 1984 with Kunkel and Marty Gwinn she forms a new group and the selftitled album Coyote Sisters is released on Morocco Records.

Since the 80´s Renee Armand has been living on her farm south of Nashville, continuing her singing/songwriting career. Although not a performing member of the Coyote Sisters on “Women and Other Visions – released in 2001,” she is represented as a songwriter one “The Bath,” a lovely composition written with Marty.

In 2011 Renee Armand released the album titled “Listen”, this time a self-produced work very particular, played almost exclusively for one voice.



Renee Armand 2011

Tracks: Listen, Beyond The Body, As You Let Yourself Be Healed, Child Of Light, How Can You, Oh My Child, Shine On Your Brothers, There Is A Light, Truth, Return Your Holy Voice To Me & Crossing The Unknown Sea.

Musicians on the Listen album: Renee Armand and others.

In Time

Windsong Records 1978

Tracks: Love On A Shoestring, (We're) Dancin' In The Dark, House Up On The Hill, Indian Brown, In Time, Suite For 3 Poems, High Wind Blowin', Beggarman & The Bitter Taste Of Wild Things.

Musicians on the In Time album: Renee Armand, Jeff Porcaro, Mike Baird, David Kemper, Reinie Press, Lee Sklar, Donald Dunn, Chuck Domanico, Larry Carlton, Jay Graydon, Fred Tackett, Dan Ferguson, Danny Kortchmar, Steve Cropper, David Foster, Kerry Chater, Michel Rubini, Michael Boddicker, Gary Coleman, Steve Forman, Jim Horn, Chuck Findley, Venetta Fields, William Smith & Wendy Webb.

The Rain Book

King Records 1972

Tracks: England, Elisabeth Rain, I Think You're Letting Me Go, Does Anybody Love You?, Friends, You and I, Falling Ladies, Raining in L.A., Guess I Never Knew You & I'm Going Away.

Musicians on the Rain Book album: Renee Armand, Jim Gordon, Kerry Chater, Chuck Domanico, Joe Osborne, Reinie Press, Leland Sklar, Dennis Budimir, Larry Carlton, Mike Deasy, Danny Kortchmar, Louie Shelton, Roger Kellaway, Mike Melvin, Larry Muhoberac, Victor Feldman, Jim Horn & Chuck Findley.