Odd René Andersen, Norwegian musician that started his career as vocalist in the band Dream Police.

Has released two solo albums “Break Of Dawn” in 1995 and “Good Company” in 1996, both with his solo artist name “Rene Andersen”.

In 2014 he released the album “Soul City”, featuring several of the big soul classics.


Soul City

Soul City Records 2014

Tracks: It's A Man's Man's World, Sweet Soul Music, What's Going On, Knock On Wood, A Change Is Gonna Come, Stand By Me, Land Of A Thousand Dances, Just One Look, Twistin' The Night Away, My Girl, You And I (When We're Together), Hallalujah I Love Her So, When A Man Loves A Woman & Don´t Do It

Musicians on the Soul City album: Odd Rene Andersen and others.

Good Company

EMI Records 1996

Tracks are: Totally Random Mind, Where The Wind Blows, Walking On Water, Woman Like You, Romance And Revolution, I`m Ready, Down On The Beach, Love Is The Answer, If You Where Mine, Dance With You, Back In Circulation & All She`s Got To Turn To.

Musicians on Good Company album: René Andersen, Ole Petter Hansen, Rune Arnesen, Rino Johannessen, Tor Inge Rishaug, Mats Johansson & Eivind Aarseth.

Break Of Dawn

EMI Records 1995

Tracks: I Got Time, You Are The One, Sweet Clarise, I Think I Must Be Dreaming, Wake Up With You, Living To Die, Out In The Country, Staring At The Rain, Livin´And Breathin´, Here It Comes Again & She´s A Smart Woman.

Musicians on Break Of Dawn album: René Andersen, Rune Arnesen, Jorun Bogeberg, Tor Inge Rishaug, Geir Sundstol, Eivind Aarseth, Per Kolstad, Reidar Skaar, Albert Campos, Debbie Cameron, Roy Richards, Vidar Busk, Berit Vaernes, Oyvor Volle, Nora Taksdal, Bjorg Vaernes, Kare Sandvik, Jan Magne Forde, Frank Hammersland, Helen Eriksen, Kyrre Fritzner & Sverre E. Henriksen.