A tremendous voice, a talented musician…

Frank Adahl was born in Finland in 1960 and the year after his parents moved to Sweden.

From the beginning Frank Adahl has been dedicated to music and together with his two brothers Simon and Dan they released their first album in 1969. Together they were very active on the musicscene in Sweden and 3 more albums came in 1972, 1973 and 1976.

In 1978 Frank- & Simon Adahl teamed up with two other brothers “Lasse- & Bertil Edin” and the band Edin Adahl was born. Their first album “Edin-Adahl” was released in 1980 and after touring around Sweden they went into the studio to record their second release “Alibi” that was released in 1982. The following years they were active on the road and did many albumsession and released “Maktfactor” in 1983. After a couple of years they went into the studio again and recorded “Tecken” their 4th album and released this in 1986.

Now it was time to try to work international, and the “Tecken” album were recorded with the songs translated to english and was titled “Miracle” and was followed up by the “Big Talk” release in 1989.

Beside working with “Edin Adahl” Frank also working with a project called “Moti Special”, a crosscountry project together with musicians from Denmark & Germany. This band had a commercial success in Germany and they had hits with the songs: “In Love We Stand” & “Dancing For Victory”. They only made one album called “Dancing For Victory”.

Since the beginning “Edin Adahl” did have a lot of success in Sweden and also some abroad, but the big commercial success wasn´t there. In 1990 they were invited by the songwriters Mikael Wendt & Krister Lundh to perform their song at the swedish eurofestival. The song “Som En Vind” won the swedish contest and they would go to Zagreb, Yugoslavia to represent Sweden in the international contest. The english version “Like A Wind” became a big hit for Edin Adahl and suddenly they got the commercial succes. It was soon followed up with the album “Into My Soul” that was released the same year.

With the success of the album “Into My Soul”, a lot of touring “Edin Adahl” released the next album in 1991. This album was recorded in two version: “Reser Til Karlek” to the Scandinavian market, and the internation version “Revial” to the US market. In 1992 it was the time to close down for “Edin Adahl”, their last album “Kosmonaut Gagarins Rapport” came in 1992 and this was the the end of this great band, that always has combined the great song with westcoast and CCM touch. In 1994 the recordlabel Viva Records released a collection of “Edin Adahl” song on the album “Minnen”.

After the “closedown” of Edin Adahl the two Adahl brothers started the coverband “Instant Hits” together with Johan Fransson (drums) and Patrick Lindell (guitars). In 1993 Frank Adahl also joined the band “The Husbands” and is today still playing with the band.

Beside the music Frank Adahl has also worked on several movies were he has been doing voiceovers at the swedish version of the Disney movie “Lion King”, you an hear Frank as the “Simba” carakter. In 1996 the swedish eurofestival was calling again. This time Frank Adahl was together with the pianoplayer Magnus Spangberg performing the song “Teardrops From Heaven”.

Frank Adahl has been working with several musicians in Sweden, doing TV-shows etc., and also working as a songwriter and currently he is working with his brother Simon again working on a new album that will be released early in 2003.


Helt Enkelt

Talking Music 2008

Tracks: Att Lämna Allt, En Liten Stund Med Jesus, My Feet Are On The Rock, En Vanlig Människa, Reser Till Kärlek, Tårar Fra Himlen, Brevet, Let Him Roll Away The Stone, Pjäsen Är Över & Jag Är Med Dig.

Musicians on the Helt Enkelt album: Frank Ådahl, Magnus Spångberg, Martin Bylund, Irene Bylund, David Bukovinszky & Mattias Bylund.

Tarar Fra Himlen

Mia Music AB 1996

Tracks: Tarar Fran Himlen & Teardrops From Heaven.

Musicians on the Tarar Fran Himlen album: Frank Ådahl, Magnus Spangberg and others.

Dancing For Victory

Polydor 1990

Tracks: Higher In The Name Of Love, In Love We Stand, From Your Lips To Gods Ear, Still The Same, Shade Of Grey, Dancing For Victory, (Let Me Call You) Angel, You Can Take It All, Fool In Paradise, Behind Close Doors & Special Moments (Instrumental).

Musicians on the Dancing For Victory album: Frank Ådahl, Nils Tuxen, Dicky Tarrach, Anders Mossberg, Werner Becker, Bob Lanese, Julian Dawson, Maggie Ryder, Stevie Lange, Mae McKenna.