Quartet from Los Angeles…

Attitudes was a pop/rock quartet from Los Angeles made up of some well-known names — producer/composer/arranger David Foster on keyboards, guitarist Danny Korthmar (who has worked extensively with James Taylor and Don Henley), bassist Paul Stallworth, and noted session drummer Jim Keltner.

The group was signed to George Harrison’s Dark Horse Records label and made two albums in the mid-’70s; a single, “Sweet Summer Music”, charted at number 94 in 1976.


Good News

Dark Horse Records 1977

Tracks: Being Here With You, Drink My Water, Sweet Summer Music, Let's Talk Turkey, Foster's Frees, Turning In Space, Change, In A Stranger's Arms, Manual Dexterity, Promise Me The Moon & Good News.

Musicians on the Good News album: Jim Keltner, Paul Stallwoth, Danny Korthmar, David Foster, Ringo Star, Chuck Higgins Jr., Waddy Watchel, Jay Lewis, Jay Graydon, Brooker T. Jones, Pat Murphy, Emil Richards, Tower Of Power & Donny Gerard.


Dark Horse Records 1976

Tracks: Ain't Love Enough, Street Scene, A Moment, You and I Are So In Love, Squank, Lend A Hand, Chump Change Romeo, First Ballad, Honey Don't Leave L.A. & In The Flow Of Love.

Musicians on the Attitudes album: Jim Keltner, Paul Stallwoth, Danny Korthmar, David Foster, Jesse Ed Davis, Carmen Twillie, Kathryn Collier, Venette Gloud & Chuck Higgins Jr.