Dedicated to west coast music…

In 1989 Arvid released his debutalbum “Så Længe Det Svinger”. It became a big hit in Denmark and Arvid´s music where pop related, but with influence from Michael McDonald and the west coast music sound, Therefore Arvid where called the “danish Michael McDonald”.

After his solo debut album Arvid was hired as studio musician and has done many sessions as a background vocalist, both an albums and television programs. Beside that he has been having solo tracks on different compilations albums.

Now 17 years after the debut release Arvid finally is out with his next album called “Dedicated To The Women”, a production were he has been 100 % in control of the process.

At this album Arvid is having a collaboration with one of his biggest idols and inspirations since he was a kid – the legendary Bruce Swedien. Bruce has mixed two of the tracks on the album, which consists of a total of 12 tracks.

Another two tracks have been mixed by his good friend Peter Busborg, who also has contributed in a number of other ways to the making of the album. Yet, another two tracks have been, beautifully, mixed by Danish producer legend, Stig Kreutzfeldt, whose opinions and great experience has valued a lot to Arvid as an artists.


Dedicated To The Women

Wise Eagle Records 2006

Tracks: You, One Thing I Won´t Forget, I Just Want Your Love, When You Love Me, Tonight, I Believe, Ode, What Would You Lose, You Never Wanna Listen, I Gave You Everything, Wait On Me & What Love Might Do Tonight.

Musicians on the Dedicated To The Women album: Arvid Nielsen, Jon Grundtvig, Mogens Palsboll, Poul Reinmann, Daniel Fridell, Dan Hemmer, Rolf Hansen, Aske Jacoby, Daniel Heloy Davidsen, Jonas Krag, Henrik Jansson, Rune Olesen, Jesper Riis, Nis Toxvard, Peter Dahlgren & Nikolai Schultz.

Så Længe Det Svinger

Genlyd Grammafon 1989

Tracks: Så Længe Det Svinger, Peculiar Situation, En Aften I Maj, Fire Øjne Og Det Dybe Hav, Var Det Så Det, Could It Be Love, Lies, Fine Fine Lady, Can´t Stand The Pain & Love Today.

Musicians on the Så Længe Det Svinger album: Arvid Nielsen, Mads Michelsen, Jens G. Nielsen, Simon West, Ane Albrechtsen, Jette Andersen, Helge Søsted, Knud Erik Nørgård, Morten Rasmussen, Kim Sagild, Christian Høeg, Lars Brinck & Bo Brinck.