A drop of change ….

Early 2006 the danish singer Claus H. Leonhardt and the latin artists Jerry Lopez decided to form “A Drop Of Change”, a music project between the continents. Claus H. Leonhardt is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and Jerry Lopez lives in Los Angeles, the music city at the west coast of US.

The music style is catchy pop with influences from the latin and west coast music. Now the first three songs has been recorded and is released as a promo cd and hopefully a full album to follow. To back up on the tracks you can hear Bill Champlin, Greg Mathieson, Larry Williams and top latin studio musicians.

Jerry Lopez is an outstanding musician. He is a member of the Ricky Martin band and has been touring with him since 2000. Beside that he has recorded/performed with an extensive list to big to mention here, but some of them are: Jay Graydon, Grover Washington Jr., Tom Scott, Arturo Sandoval, David Sanchez, Greg Mathieson, Michel Camilo, Robben Ford, David Paich, Paul Jackson Jr., Gloria Estefan, Larry Carlton, Bill Champlin to name a few.

Claus H. Leonhardt has been toughed by the west coast music since the beginning of the 80´s. At that time he was listening to the swedish radio program “Soul Corner” hosted by Mats Nileskar. In the middle of the 80´s he brought the west coast music to the listeners and especially Airplay & Bill Champlin were among the favorite songs. At that time Claus H. Leonhardt open his eyes for the production of Jay Graydon & David Foster. After that many other west coast musicians like: Bill La Bounty, Robbie Dupree, Christopher Cross, Ricky Peterson has been a big inspiration for him.

Throughout the last couple of years Claus H. Leonhardt has been playin´ with his own west coast group and is very active with that. He heard the album “Negrita” that Jerry Lopez released in 2002. The music touched him and he decided to contact him to hear if he was interested in makin´ music together. He was positive on the idea and did go to the studio and mixed 3 of his songs just to be added lead vocals and sent these to Claus H. Leonhardt. Then Claus took the songs to the studio and added his vocals to the songs. Great to see to artists that can work together without being together in the studio and everythings has been coordinated thru good communication.

So “A Drop Of Change”, is actually a great chance for a danish artists to add some changes to the music of Jerry Lopez.


A Drop Of Change

CHL 2006

The Tracks are: Canta Con Migo, Angels & All I Ever Need.

Musicians on the A Drop Of Change album: Jerry Lopez, Claus H. Leonhardt, James Hosmer, Greg Mathieson, Larry Williams, David Richardson, Lenny Lopez, Bill Champlin, Adrian Garcia, Jose "Pepe" Jimenez, Eddie Garcia, Gabriel Santana Falcon, Pepe Jimenez, Hector Infanzon, Arturo Ortiz, Greg Neer, Glenn Colby, Danny Falcone, Jose Sibaja, Phil Wigfall, Gerald Merra, Frankie Perez, Rob Mader, Nathan Tannouye, Victor Vasquez & Dave Hart.