Ambrosia is an American Rock band formed in Los Angeles, CA. in 1970, and has garnered 5 Grammy Nominations, 5 Hit Singles on Warner Bros. Records, heavy airplay and has been featured live & on soundtracks for t.v shows such as ‘Psych’ 2013, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’ 2011, feature movies such as ‘Tammy’ 2014, ‘Knocked Up’ 2007, & ‘Aurthur’ 1981.

All this in addition to sold out concerts around the world… Today, the band is more alive and compelling than ever with founding members Burleigh Drummond on drums, Joe Puerta on bass & vocals, Christopher North on keyboards; along with the additions of Doug Jackson on lead guitar, Mary Harris on keyboards & backing vocals, and the powerful, contemporary vocals and acoustic guitar of Ken Stacey.

Ambrosia is currently on extensive tour across the U.S. and Canada, playing everywhere from arenas, state fairs, casinos, rock cruises, summer rock festivals, corprate events, to intimate nightclub shows. Whether it is playing solo, or touring with musicians like The Moody Blues, Air Supply, Firefall, Orleans, Player, Michael McDonald, The Guess Who, Little River Band & many more; 

Ambrosia is continuing to explore new musical territory, with no plans of slowing down anytime soon !

More info at their official website.