Alain Concepcion (n. Amorebieta-Etxano, Vizcaya, Spain; 24/09/1982) is a Spanish singer with a large experience in different bands (Hard Rock, Progreesive Rock, Rock) and other projects focussed to Soul, Funk y R&B.

In 2012 Alain Concepcion releases the EP “Izan Dira” with producer Jagoba Ormaetxea with 3 original tracks + Benny Mardones “Into The Night”. In 2014 Alain Concepción records “R” with 7 original tracks + Michael Mcdonalds “I keep forgettin”, Luther Vandross “Give me the reason” and Journey´s “Who’s crying now”.

Once again, Alain mix the Melodick rock, with Westcoast and Soul “R” will be released thru Izkar Producciones record label.

Listen to the song “If I´m losing you” in his bandcamp