A Year In A Life

Kneeling and clapping for the country princess

Then a year passed. And Rebekka Thornbech is finally ready to broadcast the album “A Year in a Life”. The album brings together the four EPs, “Spring”, “Summer”, “Fall” and “Winter”, which was broadcast during 2018. From each EP a single was chosen that everyone has got solid airplay on both DR P4 and P5 and on the country’s local radios.

The project “A Year in a Life” was Thornbech’s attempt to create an insight into both the songwriting process and a year in one human life. She gave herself the challenge that nobody numbers were written in advance, and therefore she did not know which topics they would come across.

”When I decided in the autumn of 2017 to get started In fact, the project I was not sure if I could implement it. I doubted my ability, mine focus, my finances and on whether there was anyone who was listening to it.

Now I have reached my goal and I am crazy proud and satisfied with what I have accomplished. And then I am incredibly happy and overwhelmed by it good reception project has been given, ”says Rebekka, who with her unique musical project gave herself one very busy and breathtaking 2018.

“A Year in a Life” contains the total of 12 numbers from the 4 EPs in chronological order. The result is one collection of spontaneous snapshots in Rebekka Thornbech’s life. The title of the EP “Fall”, released on October 1, however, suddenly came to a new meaning when Rebekka fell and broke his knee shortly before the EP release.

“I feel that the year is rushing past. I have always faced a new deadline with the project – which has constantly been a new EP on the road, pictures and videos to be completed, interviews, booking, fund applications, songwriting, concerts – and also a full-time ‘day job on the page’ to get the whole economy to hang together. – and suddenly the universe stopped.

I fell and broke my knees – even twice. Both in September and December, ”says Rebekka Thornbech, who is going to complete”

A Year in a Life track list:
1. One of These Days
2. Shine
3. A Heart Open Wide
4. Let Luck Come Your Way
5. Untouchable
6. Wildfire
7. One More Breath
8. Halfway Home
9. The Circle
10. Silver Linings
11. Turn on The Light
12. All The Roads Lead Back


A testimony in 2018
“A Year in a Life” is thus a continuous narrative of a human and songwriter’s development through one year. It marks the ever-changing life, the volatility of time, and how a year at the same time is an eternity and away in what can feel like a split second

A testimony that reflects Rebekka Thornbech’s life in 2018. From the early and fresh beginnings of “Spring”, filled with hope and dreams, to the warmth and belief in themselves in “Summer”, doubts and uncertainty on
which way she should go, came to characterize “Fall” and in the end Rebekka could look back and forth on

“Winter” – which also contained the singer’s first Christmas song.
“I have really pushed myself with this publication – both professionally and artistically. I think In fact you can listen to the music. When I listen to the overall album, I can even hear my journey through the last year. When I look at the year that has passed, it is clear the plate and the broken knee that fills most.

Of course, there have also been other personal ups and downs, but not big changes in life events, ”Rebekka says and continues: “A Year in a Life” is not just a number of singles – it all comes together. I really hope people want to sit down and listen to the full album and thus get an insight into my life in 2018. ”

On the project “A Year in a Life” Rebekka Thornbech’s two younger sisters, Hannah and Emma Sommer are participating in choir. In addition, Per Solgaard participates on bass and Kristian Martinsen on guitars, keys, synth surfaces, drums etc. Kristian Martinsen has also produced and mixed.

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