BGO Records reissue of 4 Sons of Champlin albums…


The band’s Columbia album from 1973 coupled with the three Ariola Records albums from 1975, 1976 and 1977.

Three of these albums made the US Top 200 but the writing was on the wall and the group split in 1977, with Bill Champlin pursuing a solo career before joining Chicago.

In recent years the Sons have reformed, continuing to gig and record with Champlin back in the fold.

Digitally remastered and slipcased and with new notes by John Tobler


Welcome To The Dance:

Lightnin’, For Joy, Who/Heaven Only Knows, Right On, No Mo’, The Swim, Welcome To The Dance: A – Silence, B – Sound/Turn Around , C – Healthy Woman  & D – Welcome To The Dance.

The Sons Of Champlin:

Lookout, Like To Get To Know You, Marp Interlude, Planet Ripper, All And Everything, Without Love, Rainbow’s End, Geoff’s Vibe, Queen Of The Rain & Goldmine.

A Circle Filled With Love:

Hold On, Here Is Where Your Love Belongs, Follow Your Heart, Knickanick, Imagination’s Sake, Still In Love With You, Circle Filled With Love, To The Sea, You, For A While, Slippery When It’s Wet & Helping Hand.

Loving Is Why: Saved By The Grace Of Your Love, Loving Is Why, What’cha Gonna Do, West End, Big Boss Man, Time Will Bring You Love, Doin’ It For You, Where I Belong, Let That Be A Lesson & Love Can Take Me Now.

More info at BGO Records.

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