Westcoast Bible 4 – The Essential Aor Collection

In The Westcoast Bible 4 – The Essential Aor Collection – 450 Aor Masterpieces, you will only find the best albums of the genre, mostly from the 80’s, the golden years of Aor music.

This +300 PAGES book all in color (Twice the size of The Westcoast Bible 1) only contains the very best albums in the discography of artists that have created the classic Aor / Westcoast sound. Only the real masterpieces have been kept here, though there are many other incredible albums by these same artists & bands, a highly selective choice has been made for your listening pleasure. No compromise. All albums presented here are rated at least 15/20, and many are close to the perfect note of 20/20 !

Forewords by Bill Champlin, Steve Kipner, Tom Snow, Dwayne Ford, Robbie Dupree, Dane Donohue & Tommy Funderburk !

If you’re starting to collect the AOR masterpieces that every music fan should own, this Westcoast Bible 4 should help you discover the essential albums in that genre that you should own in your collection.

And if you’re already a true Aor music collector, this book will surely make you discover some forgetten gems and confirm you that you’ve already got the perfect Westcoast discography.

Many other fantastic albums are available out there. All of them of course couldn’t be included in a single book. Discover more in the Wescoast Bible 1 – Rare Masterpieces, The Westcoast Bible 2 – CCM Edition & The Westcoast Bible 3 – Aor Girls Edition.

CCM have been intentionally excluded from this book. You will find all the best Christian Artists in the Westcoast Bible 2 – CCM Edition.

As always, this volume includes the pics, the names of the musicians & producers of each album as well as indications concerning the style of music that these artists are related to + many rare pics !

If you like Toto, The Eagles, Steely Dan, The Doobie Brothers, America, Christopher Cross, Richard Marx, Fleetwood Mac and other classic Aor bands you will find their most interesting work here.

And if you’re a real Aor collector, this book will make you discover the best of essential artists such as Nielsen / Pearson, David Roberts, Pages, Greg Guidry, Jay Graydon, Wilson Bros, Bobby Caldwell, Ned Doheny & hundreds more.

The albums are classified in alphabetical order and divided into 8 chapters and you can find many videos of these artists on YouTube.

Welcome to Aor Paradise !













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Good music enriches your life. At BLUE DESERT we are passionate about this particular yet wide-ranging style of music we call West Coast Music. This site is a modest tribute to the music and the performing artists, who through the (many) years have given us - and continue to give us - endless hours of musical enjoyment. As long-time fans we want to share our enthusiasm, experiences and views with fellow connoisseurs as well as curious newcomers. If we can do our bit to help promote this great music and all the gifted artist – well, then we have succeeded.