News From Hemifran June 2015

Hemifrån is an independent A&R, promotion and marketing company, based in the heart of Sweden, specializing in, what they call, “gut music” – The kind of music that you can feel in your gut, no matter what. Hemifran is promoting a lot of singer-songwriter, westcoast-pop, country, AOR and more. Here are featured some of their latest news – it is not all west coast, but dig into it!


Jack Tempchin – Room To Run

The ”Room To Run” EP was sparked by the acerbically funny “The High Cost of Hate”, with features the refrain, “Since I’m a cheating bastard, and you’re a selfish bitch, let’s call it quits, and make some lawyers rich”.

“The first time I played the song, completely by coincidence, it was at a lawyer’s convention at a dinner for 150 of the countries top divorce lawyers”, Tempchin recounts. “They thought it was hilarious”.

So did Blue Élan CEO Kirk Pasich, who is also an attorney. He asked Tempchin to release “The High Cost of Hate” asap. The ever-prolific Tempchin framed it with three more tracks, the title cut, a warmhearted tale of a father’s love, the touching “Jesus and Mohammed”, about the world’s raging religious divide, and the slacker anthem “Summertime Bum”. More information at Hemifran.


Kim Erickson – The Raven´s Wing

Recorded in Toronto, under the experienced guidance of producer Danny Greenspoon and double bassist Joe Phillips, who created beautiful orchestrations, Kim Erickson’s new album”The Raven’s Wing” features some extraordinary arrangements for small string ensemble, masterfully executed by some of Canada’s best players. “The Raven’s Wing”, which features guest appearances by Kim’s daughters, Roisin and Lesya Roberts, marks the 25th anniversary of her debut album “The Intention, The Blue”.

Kim Erickson’s lyrics for this group of songs speak of lost loves and the lure of great waters, walks by northern shorelines, through autumn gardens and rugged old world landscapes. The music is lyrical and romantic, conjuring dark string sounds, and Kim’s interpretation is deep and intense in bringing her compositions to life. Audiences who enjoy folk, jazz and classical fusions will crave this recording. More information at Hemifran.


Millpond Moon – Time To Turn The Tide

“Superb is not powerful enough to praise this, their songwriting captures the pure essence of Americana, Kjersti’s voice is to die for and blends perfectly with Rune’s slightly gravelly tones creating a unique sound that is totally their very own” ~ Maverick Magazine, UK

Since appearing at the Glastonbury Festival in 2004, the Norwegian duo Millpond Moon have been touring extensively both in mainland Europé, the UK and the US. During this period they have created their own sound and style, and their first album,”Broke In Brooklyn” was released in October 2012.

Since the release of “Broke In Brooklyn”, Millpond Moon have been touring in Europe, and been busy recording their new album. The album is recorded in Norway, Spain, and the US, and Tikopia Records are very happy and proud to present “Time To Turn The Tide” where Millpond Moon invites top notch Norwegian and American jazz and bluegrass musicians to play on their album. These transatlantic sessions have been most inspiring and we hope you will enjoy this new album!. More information at Hemifran.

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