Mecca – The Demos

The name Mecca is synonymous with quality AOR and melodic rock.

Each of the 3 albums released to date have been crafted over several years, with each song racking up a seriously impressive number of demos, alternative versions, rewrites and remixes before being labelled “done”.

So, while we wait for a new set of songs to go through that lengthy process, Joe Vana has given MelodicRock Records the green light to delve back into the many folders of Mecca music that has built up since the 2002 debut, to bring you a very cool limited edition release: “The Demos”.

But these aren’t any old demos, these are still of the highest quality and represent a rare insight into the recording process all artists go through.

Mecca “The Demos” will feature songs from all three Mecca albums, plus the songs exclusively featured on several past MRCD compilations and several others that have never previously been released.

Fans will hear songs you thought you knew, but with alternative lyrics or chorus hooks, plus work-in-progress home recordings, alternative mixes and even a couple of guest vocalists lending a hand. “The Demos” will be restricted to 1,000 units only.

Track listing

Disc 1
1. Blinded By Emotion (Rough Mix Feat. Fergie Frederiksen, Vocals)
2. I Know (Demo Feat. Christian Wolff, Guitar)
3. How Many Times (Original Demo)
4. Life’s Too Short (Demo Feat. Thom Griffin, Backing Vocals)
5. Say The Word (2010 Demo)
6. The One (2006 Demo)
7. Morning Light (Original Demo of ‘I Believe’)
8. Set Me Free (Original Demo of ‘Cry’)
9. Since I Found You (2011 Writing Demo)
10. Wire 2 Wire (Inst. Demo)
11. Can’t Stop Love (Rough Mix Feat. Fergie Frederiksen, Vocals)
12. From The Start (2011 Demo)
13. Unknown (Chorus Overdub Demo)
14. Time Spent (2013 Demo)
15. Pamela (2012 Final Demo)
16. It’s On Us (2012 Inst, Demo)
17. Without You (2002 Inst. Live Studio Demo)

Disc 2
1. Take My Hand (2014 Final Demo)
2. Perfect World (2011 Demo, ‘Joe Mix’)
3. Ten Lifetimes (Original Demo Feat. Thom Griffin, Backing Vocals)
4. Alone (2014 Piano Demo)
5. Mecca (First Take Vocal Demo)
6. Light (2006 Inst. Demo)
7. Out Of Love (Original Demo of ‘Alone’)
8. Down (2012 Scratch Vocal Demo)
9. Did It For Love (2011 Demo)
10. Alive (2012 Unreleased Inst.)
11. Still Falling In Love With You (2006 Unreleased Demo)
12. Open Your Heart to Me (2005 Unreleased Demo)
13. Falling Out Of Love (2011 Unreleased Demo)
14. Wasabi (2011 Unreleased Inst. Demo)
15. Yesterday (2012 ‘Mecca 3’ Inst. Demo)
16. Wire To Wire (The ‘Fun’ Inst. Remix)

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