Eras Para Mi

Eras Para Mi – press release:

Danish project East Collectors offer a Spanish version of their heartbreak anthem in “Eras Para Mi”, out February 11th 2022.

Danish producer, composer and bassist Jimmy Østbygaard joins forces with vocalist Serena Basile in international collaboration ‘Eras Para Mi’ – the Spanish version of previously released romantic heartbreak ballad ‘The One for Me’. Featuring raw and emotive classical guitar lines that blossom into soft percussion and angelic vocal harmonies, the sound is nostalgic and infuses the very best of jazz, pop and classical Spanish elements.

With deep family roots within the Faroe Islands, yet having lived in Denmark for his whole life, Jimmy is now exploring and discovering these roots through the newly-founded East Collectors project, where he strives to collaborate with local Faroese artists, as well as scouting international talents to fit each individual song. A true overseas collaboration, ‘Eras Para Mi’ features the talent of Serena Basile from Argentina, Acoustic Guitar from Jack Haigh in the UK, and percussion from Michito Sanchez in the US.

In regards to a reimagined production for the Spanish alternative, Jimmy explains: “These two languages have a very unique sound that needs to be reflected by the music. I also hate doing the same thing twice, and love the challenge of making the same song work within two different productions.”

The track is released alongside an emotive and cathartic music video shot by Manuel Gimenez featuring Serena herself and, whilst the track itself is due for distribution by DiGiDi.

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