A nice Koinonia touch…

Norwegian music in all genres has success. Arne Rønnestad is a new name for the music audience, though he has been active in the business for many years.

Arne is a keyboard player, guitarist and composer. For years he had his own studio “NOVA”, where this new CD is recorded.

He has a great sense for melody, harmony and over all for the different moods music can reflect.


På Vei

Nova Music 2002

Tracks: Pa Vei, Solvind, One Only, Hymne, Nye Spor, Sorti, Pity That We´re Not Alone, Samba, Lengsel, Cardiac, Just To Live & Fantasi.

Musicians on the Pa Vei album: Arne Ronnestad, Helge Oye, Gunnar Grov & Bjorn Breilid.