From west coast pop artists to jazzy diva…

Swedish Lisa Nilsson is one of the most famous swedish music artists with a long career and several albums released.

A couple of her albums is with music influended by the Los Angeles music scene.

Selected discography


Scranta Grammofon 1996

Tracks: Who´s That Boy, Down The Avenue, Are You Ready, It´s Easy, Seven Wishes/Seven Prayers, Love Is What Happens, Two Of A Kind, Final Call, Say You´ll Be Mine, Only Your Heart Can Tell, You´re My World, Aquarius 1999, How Could I Live Without You & Do You Believe In Love.

Musicians on the Flashback album: Lisa Nilsson and others.


Lady Bird Records 1990

Tracks: Down The Avenue, It’s Easy, Only Your Heart Can Tell, Indestructible, No Time For Time, Seven Wishes/Seven Prayers, Who’s Sleeping In My Bed, Final Call, My Forever Man, From My Heart To Yours, Love Has A Mind Of Its Own, Two Of A Kind & Leave The Lights On.

Musicians on the Indestructible album: Lisa Nilsson, Lasse Andersson, Peter Ljung, Max Schultz, Sam Bengtsson, Tommy Cassemar, Staffan Astner, Mats Bergström, Pierre Swärd, Janne Schaffer, Dave Wilczewski, Bo Knutsson, Teddy Walter, Alan Haynes, Peter O., Kjell Segebrandt, George Wadenius, Lasse Wellander, Hans Dyvik, Leif Lindvall, Kjell Öhman, Michael Bolyos, Jörgen Ingeström, Hasse Olsson, Eric Bibb, Vicky Benckert, Andre Ferrari, Per Lindvall, Svante Persson, Olle Holmqvist, Johan Stengård, Pelle Alsing, Åke Sundqvist, Nicci Wallin, Malando Gassama, Lill Andersen, Kofi Bentsi-Enchill, Sanna Hodell, Björn Påhlsson, Pär Åkerström, Janne Lindgren, Mats Ronander & Bernt Andersson.

Lean On Love

Little Big Apple Music 1989

Tracks: Are You Ready, How Could I Live Without You, Who´s That Boy, You´re My World, Say You´ll Be Mine, Love Is What Happens, Aquarius 1999, Say It, Mystery, Do You Believe In Love & Lean On Love.

Musicians on the Lean On Love album: Lisa Nilsson, Tobbe Stener, Bobby Ljunggren, Hakan Almqvist, Peter Ljung, Erika Essen-Moller, Lilling Palmeklint, Per Lindvall, Mats Granberg, Hakan Lundqvist, Micke Nilsson, Erik Hausler, Anders Evaldsson, Stefan Johansson, Lars Lindgren, Lotten Andersson, Annalie Berg, Micke Hujanen, Henrik Wikstrom, Lasse Wellander, Lennert Sjoholm, Lasse Westman, Gosta Nilsson, Mats Bergstom, Ulf Jansson & Mats A. Lindberg.